Kana HanazawaTomokazu SugitaKikuko InoueAkeno Watanabe
With a Dog AND a Cat, Every Day is Fun
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Also known as: Inu to Neko Docchimo Katteru to Mainichi Tanoshii
Medium: TV, series
Year: 2020
Writer/director: Seiji Kishi
Original creator: Hidekichi Matsumoto
Actor: Akeno Watanabe, Ayaka Ohashi, Cho, Hiroki Goto, Kana Hanazawa, Kikuko Inoue, Mai Kanazawa, Mariko Kouda, Tomokazu Sugita
Keywords: anime
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Format: 24 episodes, each 85 seconds long
Url: https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/encyclopedia/anime.php?id=23504
Website category: Anime 2020
Review date: 16 October 2022
Inu to Neko Docchi mo Katteru to Mainichi Tanoshii
It's an "ordinary life of my pets" series, based on a manga about the author's cat and dog. It's 100% observational. No anthropomorphism, no fantasy, no talking animals. Well, okay, the animals have voice actors, but that's just for colour and to help bring alive their personalities. They're pets. That's all. The dog does dog things and the cat does cat things. It's also one of the better anime of the year, despite being a throwaway series of micro-episodes. The author (who's also the anime's main human character) talks honestly about herself and her pets, including both the sad and silly bits.
MATSUMOTO HIDEKICHI = perhaps about forty years old? (At one point, she films her cat on her phone, then afterwards hears her own voice on the recording and says she's listening to a creepy old lady.) She also loves animals. She used to do volunteer work at a dog shelter and she's on her third dog. Her first (when she was a child) was a shiba inu mix with a samurai personality. Her second, unfortunately, she remembers best from the end of his life, when he was feeble, incontinent and apologetic.
DOG (called "dog") = makes Garfield's Odie look intelligent. You'd think she was just a distillation of all comedy idiot dogs, but Matsumoto knows that animals have their own unique personalities and is very good at delineating them. Dog-kun is empty-headed and super-enthusiastic, even compared with other dogs. She loves vets. She's excited by everything. "She forgets the things she didn't like and just remembers the fun, so she's always happy."
Voiced by Kana Hanazawa, who also played Red Blood Cell in Cells at Work. This show has famous voice actors.
CAT (called "cat") = evil, sinister, aloof and voiced like Ernst Stavro Blofeld... but that's a front and it's possible to catch him being a tsundere. Matsumoto can read his moods. His ears are honest. He'll condescend to play with you, a bit. He does, though, behave badly on a regular basis.
Voiced by Tomokazu Sugita.
It's charming. Every episode has interesting or funny observations about its cast, which is quite a feat in 85 seconds. The animals are capable of worrying and behaving out of character, e.g. in ep.8 when Matsumoto has a hard drive crash and loses lots of work. It's also educational. I didn't know that about cats' headbutting. Does Matsumoto really call her pets "dog" and "cat", though? Even when she's singing "happy birthday" to them?
I'd definitely recommend this to pet lovers, but also more generally to anyone and everyone, of any age. You'll watch it and recognise all the behaviour, both of the humans and the animals. It's lovely.