Mako TakigawaYukijiro HotaruKyoko HashimotoShiro Shimomoto
Welcome to the Ogenki Clinic
Also known as: Ogenki Clinic: Tatte moraimasu
Medium: film
Year: 1988
Director: Mototsugu Watanabe
Original creator: Haruka Inui
Keywords: boobs
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Actor: Mako Takigawa, Yukijiro Hotaru, Kyoko Hashimoto, Saori Mizuno, Chiemi Akimoto, Shiro Shimomoto, Hiromi Kurosawa, Shinobu Kawana, Lupin Suzuki, Jimmy Tsuchida
Format: 65 minutes
Website category: J-sleaze
Review date: 13 December 2022
o genki clinic
It's a live-action sex comedy, based on a manga that ran for seven years and nine volumes. (There's also a three-episode hentai OVA adaptation, which goes a lot further than this film and has explicit sex.)
Is it good? No, but it could have been worse.
It's about a sex clinic, run by Dr Sawaru Ogenki and his often-topless nurse, Ruko Tatase. The film's first ten minutes are dreadful (and appallingly acted). We start with the landlady demanding three months' rent, so Dr Ogenki has headbangingly unfunny banter with Tatase (who mishears everything he says as filth) and then has sex with the landlady to shut her up. This is either an example of the "rape victims enjoy it" trope or else implies that Ogenki's landlady is a tsundere who'd come here to shag him, but was incapable of saying so. She also throws a scalpel at them.
The next patient is a widow whose late husband had an enormous penis and so she can't get satisfaction from normal-sized ones. Ogenki's cure for this involves fingering and the widow getting her tits out.
After that, though, comes a storyline that lasts the rest of the film. It's okay. I won't call it "good", but it's watchable in a way that those first ten minutes weren't. Nurse Tatase's been out watching a pornographic film ("You always learn something from a Nikkatsu porno!") when two sleazy blokes show up, saying that they're scouting for girls who'd like to become idols. Tatase likes the sound of that. They need to inspect her boobs. No problem, boys, here they are! And could you take more clothes off? Sounds good! This scene is about to turn bad... when suddenly a superhero arrives. He's dressed like Superman, but he's called Kinta Man. (In Japanese, this is rude wordplay.)
Unfortunately, Kinta Man has a premature ejaculation problem! Sounds like a job for Dr Ogenki. Or, to be more precise, Nurse Tatase. (She falls in love with Kinta Man and goes beyond the call of duty in drawing up his training regime. On her orders, he'll have sex with a bale of rice, then hit his penis with a mallet.)
This is daft, obviously, but it has amusing moments. "It's like a porn movie!" say Ogenki and Tatase... and then turn to look at the camera. (I normally dislike fourth wall breaking, but that doesn't apply here because you can't take this film seriously to start with.) Similarly, we learn that Kinta Man's sexual trauma comes from his humiliating experiences at Madonna Okyo's massage parlour.
OGENKI: "Until the day when he defeats Madonna Okyo, he can't be a real man!"
TATASE: "Doctor, let's go to Erotic Mountain!"
Our three heroes then walk heroically towards the camera a lot, while Hero Music plays.
The cast tend to be hardcore porn stars, unsurprisingly, although the actor who plays Dr Ogenki (Yukijirou Hotaru) went on to have a proper acting career and has been working steadily ever since.
It's pretty silly, especially the ending. Kinta Man's absurdly huge penis is made of foam rubber. His story, though, is at least watchable, which isn't true of Ogenki's landlady and that lady who'd been extremely fortunate until she became a widow. The film can be amusing. I wouldn't call it worth watching, but it's possible to see far, far worse.