Asuka NishiAina SuzukiKenji AkabaneAyaka Imamura
Three Leaves Three Colours
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Also known as: Sansha Sanyou
Medium: TV, series
Year: 2016
Director: Yasuhiro Kimura
Writer: Hideaki Koyasu
Original creator: Cherry Arai
Actor: Ayaka Imamura, Mai Kanazawa, Yu Wakui, Aina Suzuki, Asuka Nishi, Chiemi Tanaka, Haruka Watanabe, Kenji Akabane, Kotone Kuwayama, Machico, Nao Natsuno, Rika Momokawa
Keywords: anime
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Format: 12 episodes
Website category: Anime 2016
Review date: 19 February 2018
Sansha Sanyou
It's pretty negligible, but I ended up quite enjoying it. The problem is that it's been adapted from a four-panel manga (i.e. nothing much happens) and that its three core girls are a bit generic. The first three episodes are a bit sleep-inducing. The show improves when the cast expands, though, and it's quite likeable.
It's about three schoolgirls. That's it. They eat lunch, they do part-time work and they have conversations. The show's a light comedy. Our heroines are:
1. YOUKO NISHIKAWA, a former rich girl whose father went bankrupt. Now she eats bread crusts and doesn't have any friends, but she still talks like the queen and has one of her former servants following her around. Youko and her circumstances are probably the main driver of what could be called "story" in this series. Her ex-servants still think of her fondly and will give her a part-time job even though she's almost incapable of doing her duties. (She's not lazy or anything. She's a terribly nice girl who always tries hard. She's just very, very highly bred.)
2. FUTABA ODAGIRI, an energetic girl who eats a lot. Such characters are omnipresent in anime, but Futaba takes it slightly further than most by making it her defining characteristic and even having self-appointing Eating Contest Rivals. There's not much to Futaba, but she's a laugh. She also has a voice actress whose speaking voice has a bit of a quack in it, which is fun.
3. TERU HAYAMA, who's likeable and cute, but failing to live up to her own character description. We're repeatedly told that she's black-hearted. She's nice on the surface, but evil underneath. That might sound promising... but the show's idea of "black-hearted" is laughable and in most contexts would count as purer than pure. Teru is a complete softie who loves animals, is kind to her friends and never does anything bad to anyone. The show wants us to think that Teru's mean to her classmate Serina, but we never see anything worse than tame teasing and in practice their troubled relationship seems to come mostly from Serina being a prickly tsundere. When they discover a mutual love of cats, the two practically bond.
This trio is... okay. I liked them. They're moderately amusing. However they struggle to carry a full-length episode on their own and so my early thoughts on this show were "why isn't this a short form anime?"
Fortunately, though, the supporting cast give the show more oomph. There's a brat who thinks he's engaged to Youko and is always super-nice and helpful towards her, but snide with her stalker ex-servant, Yamaji. (Yamaji follows Youko everywhere, usually in hiding, so that he can fulfil her every command. He also has some part-time jobs, which would explain why he hasn't starved to death, but basically he's a cross between a stalker and a knight in shining armour.) Another ex-servant is Sonobe, the deadpan cafe owner in her thirties with a voice like a buzzsaw and a fondness for going to school in uniform and pretending to be a student. Serina needs to learn to relax and her best friend Kondou needs to learn to filter what she says to people's faces... and there are more. They're all fine. I liked them. No one's brilliant or anything and you could probably lose anyone except Sonobe without noticing (and that only because she has part-time jobs at her cafe), but they're amusing enough and they keep the show bubbling along.
This isn't a show that matters. You'll probably delete it after watching it. However it's quite nice, once it gets going, and it's very likeable. I think the show misses every possible trick with Teru, given her character description, but she's fine if you forget that and just accept what's in front of you. As for her co-stars, they're all capable of having episodes built around them. I was amused in ep.10 by Youko's pride in not being completely useless. "I helped! I measured out the ingredients and sprinkled bits on top!" Similarly Futaba has an endearingly relaxed relationship (from her side) with her "rival", while I also enjoyed her attempts at being girly in ep.12. This is a girl who's capable of eating a whole loaf of bread, uncut, which looks as if she's eating a cushion. I wouldn't recommend seeking out this anime. It's okay rather than actively good. There are many, many shows that are better than it. However it's quite warm and perfectly watchable if you do feel like something along these lines.