The X-FilesDavid DuchovnyChris CarterKarin Konoval
The X-Files Season 11 ep.3: Plus One
Medium: TV
Year: 2018
Director: Kevin Hooks
Writer: Chris Carter
Keywords: The X-Files, SF
Actor: David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson, Karin Konoval, Ben Wilkinson, Jared Ager-Foster, Denise Dowse, Alison Araya, Lossen Chambers, Elizabeth Lavender, Thabo Ketshabetswe, Rhett Spencer, Kathryn Kirkpatrick
Format: 43 minutes
Website category: SF
Review date: 23 June 2020
It's about doppelgangers who'll kill you. Some of their victims might have committed suicide, perhaps, but there's definitely at least some murder.
There's also a pair of loony twins, both played by Karin Konoval. That's cool because Judy's female, but Chucky's male. I was astonished to learn that one actress played them. Even with hindsight, looking at photos, I still can't see it. It's an acting tour de force, especially since each twin has a second personality (and all four are batshit crazy). Konoval holds nothing back. Chucky's first scene made me laugh with outrageous overacting.
That's fun. The reward for long-term X-Files fans, though, is the bedroom teasing with Mulder and Scully. (You know, after the fury over the revelations in My Struggle III.) Our heroes check into a motel with only one spare room. Do they have sex? Well, you're free to decide, but the episode's merrily giving us lots of scenes and conversations.
It's a laugh, although a sinister one. (That bit about "mom" and "dad" towards the end is evil.) Konoval's funny, while Duchovny and Anderson are also clearly enjoying the material.