Garth Ennis
The Pro
Medium: comic
Year: 2002
Writer: Garth Ennis
Penciller: Amanda Conner
Inker: Jimmy Palmiotti
Format: 80 pages
Website category: Comics
Review date: 12 February 2022
One day, Garth Ennis had a tasteless idea. He often gets these, but this one was far more offensive than usual, so he gave it an entire comic book all to itself.
It's set in a version of the DC Universe, starring disrespectful equivalents of Superman, Batman & Robin, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and the Flash. One day, the Voyeur (no, sorry, the VIEWER) sees another potential superhero for the League of Honor! She's the Pro, a prostitute with a horrible attitude who's a grandmaster of swearing. She has a low opinion of all these boy scouts and she doesn't think being a hero is better than sucking cock for a living.
It's great, obviously. I laughed a lot. Funny things include:
(a) not-Superman's blow job
(b) the dialogue and downfall of not-Green Lantern
(c) the swearing. Bad language rarely makes any difference to anything, but there are times when inspired feats of swearing can be magnificent. This book is one of those times.
(d) what the Pro does on "Bring Your Kids To Work Day".
There are two versions of this book. It sold so well that later editions include a bonus eight-page story at the back called "The Pro vs. the Ho". (The Ho always wanted to work with animals.) Those later editions are also dedicated to Jim Steranko, because he called it "psychotic, nihilistic garbage" produced by evil cultural terrorists. (I'm not even saying he's wrong, but that's why it's great.)
You'll notice that the book was drawn by a woman, which will have helped in stopping everyone involved from getting crucified. It's got everything. Breathtaking crudity, gore and ultra-violence, comedy nudity and lots of pot shots at corporate trademarks. In its offensive way, it's pretty much perfect, really.