The Hills Have Size
Also known as: Hitozuma Kasumi-san
Medium: OVA, series
Year: 2005
Director: Ken'ichi Hamazaki
Writer: Ken'ichi Hamazaki, Tomohito Kanou
Actor: Chisato Suzumori, Karen Kusano, Karin Sinruu, Masatsugu Onizawa, Ten Ten, Youji Asano
Keywords: anime, hentai, boobs
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Format: Two 27-minute episodes
Url: https://myanimelist.net/anime/2438/Hitozuma%E2%99%AAKasumi-san
Website category: Anime late 00s
Review date: 27 March 2024
Hitozuma Kasumi san
It's a serious, dramatic hentai that made me worry about its characters. It's based on a visual novel that undoubtedly offers more sexual choices than are portrayed here, but it also has at least one bad ending. It's not horror, though, and it's unrelated to Wes Craven's horror franchise The Hills Have Eyes. That English title is just translators being whimsical. Our heroes are:
1. Matsubara Ryouji, the protagonist. He's a university student who's moving in with his neighbours for unclear reasons, perhaps to do with a recent robbery. His neighbours are:
2. Matsubara Kasumi, who might be Ryouji's aunt? She has breasts you could use as murder weapons and a face like a melting hamster's, although admittedly that's everyone when sad or sexually aroused in this show's art style. (Both of those emotional states are seen frequently.) Kasumi's neglected by her husband and sexually frustrated, but she wants to be a good wife and mother.
3. Matsubara Mio, Kasumi's daughter of about 13 years old. She gets no hentai action here, thankfully, and I don't want to know about the visual novel.
4. Ukishima Harumi, Kasumi's younger sister. I was puzzled by her at first and couldn't work out how she fitted into the story, but everything is explained by this being a visual novel adaptation. In the game, she'd have her own route. She's romantically interested in Ryouji, but this goes nowhere except as another layer to the drama.
5. Matsubara Hisashi, Kasumi's husband. Yes, he appears. Yes, Kasumi and Ryouji will indeed be at it like rabbits, although it doesn't usually seem to make them happy. Here are Ryouji's thoughts at the start of ep.2. "We've been doing it ever since that day. Our thoughts and everything that's important... I sully and stain them. And we hurt each other's feelings in the process. She knows it's that kind of relationship, but still she can't say anything about it."
Kasumi doesn't want to be unfaithful to Hisashi, but she's been so neglected that she's masturbating with dildos while watching porn in the living room and crying out aloud for any cock at all. What we see of Hisashi in ep.1 doesn't seem that bad, mind you. He likes a drink and he's almost always away at work, but hey. In ep.2, though, Kasumi learns that Hisashi has been cheating on her too (which hurts her), so she decides to come clean and tell Hisashi everything. "I'll talk things over with Hisashi-san. I'm sure he'll understand. It's the best thing we can do for Mio."
What comes next is appalling.
HISASHI = "I don't want to hear any excuses, don't mock me! I let you live the kind of life you want. But I didn't expect you to cheat on me."
KASUMI = "I know I cheated on you. But you also cheated on me."
HISASHI = "You think a man of my status would be satisfied with just my wife? Anyway, I want you to stop seeing this lover of yours immediately. Got that?"
KASUMI = "What about you?"
HISASHI = "Me? You want me to stop seeing my lover too?"
KASUMI = "That's right. That's how normal couples..."
Hisashi hits her.
HISASHI = "Nonsense. Can't you tell? You can't satisfy my needs any more! End of conversation. I don't care how much it costs. You're not to see your lover ever again. Understood, Kasumi?"
Kasumi then disappears and Hisashi proves to be terrifyingly stupid. He knows Kasumi's been shagging someone. He knows Ryouji's living in the house. Kasumi isn't the kind of wife who'd play around lightly, so it must be someone they know well... but Hisashi doesn't suspect Ryouji.
HISASHI = "I don't know what kind of man she was seeing, but I didn't expect it to be this serious. Ryouji! Do you have any idea? Like places Kasumi went, or some man that came to visit."
RYOUJI = "I really don't know."
HISASHI = "What a stupid woman! She didn't even think about my situation. Now how am I supposed to..."
Ryouji goes after Kasumi, but it's not a happy conversation when he finds her. I was wondering if Kasumi might commit suicide. They sort things out, but that was heavy.
This show's much better than I'd expected. It's sex-heavy, mind you, definitely being "porn with plot", not the other way round. That opening scene of Kasumi, the TV and a dildo nearly made me ditch the show. Had the whole series been like that, it would have been unwatchable. Actually, though, it's dramatic.