Nikkatsu Roman PornosamuraiJapanese
Sengoku Rock Female Warriors
Also known as: Naked Seven
Medium: film
Year: 1972
Director: Yasuharu Hasebe
Writer: Yasuharu Hasebe, Atsushi Yamatoya
Keywords: Nikkatsu Roman Porno, boobs, historical, samurai
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Actor: Genjiro Arato, Genshu Hanayagi, Hiroshi Gojo, Hyoe Enoki, Keiko Aikawa, Keiko Tsuzuki, Kenji Kaji, Mari Tanaka, Michiyo Mako, Sayori Shima, Setsuko Oyama, Sho Munakata, Yuri Yamashina
Format: 80 minutes
Website category: Japanese old
Review date: 3 June 2022
It's a Nikkatsu Roman porno film set in the Era of Warring States (1563-1700) which was basically a non-stop civil war between all the country's tin-pot warlords. Women's involvement was minimal. Because it's Roman porno, though, the film's heroines are seven women who get naked regularly and have lots of sex. (Sometimes while killing samurai.)
The plot's unpleasant. Our heroines' leader, En, might be in misguided love with a kidnapper and rapist called Tarou. He talks like a gangster and he leads a mob of thugs who have orgies. Also, importantly, he talks like Che Guevara and talks about "lighting a fire under this country" (because the film's from 1972), while being a cheap thug who's full of empty but grandiose promises. En brings Tarou some guns, but he says they're not enough. She responds by perpetrating a massacre in order to bring him 120 guns. These guns' real owners respond with torture, rape and murder... but Tarou has no intention of starting an actual revolution and finds a profitable way of washing his hands of the whole thing.
This is shocking. It's also, though, pointless. Every man in this film is worthless and deserves to die. They want to kill and kill and be the big man. The women kill samurai sometimes (which is good), but also have lots of recreational sex with them and try to give them guns (which is bad). Or sometimes they get raped.
The swordplay is cheaply done and doesn't try to show off sword skills, instead going for gore. An arrow in an eye, a severed arm, blood sprays, etc. I prefer that, actually.
I wouldn't recommend this film, although Tarou's ingratitude is unforgettable. It's magnificently sleazy, but horrible. Getting involved with these men is obviously pointless, so I had no patience with the entire plot and I was waiting for everything to self-destruct. It clearly won't end well. Nothing will. We're being taken into a world where the only response to the poisoning of samurai is "that's a good start". It's very 1970s, mind you, with relentless trash intensity, that decade's trademark filming look and its reinvention of Sengoku-era warlords as image-conscious self-declared revolutionaries.
I'm sure everyone involved in this film believes that they hit their artistic goals and made what they wanted to make. I respect it. I don't like it.