Seijun Kango Gakuin
Also known as: Nurse Me!
Medium: OVA, series
Year: 2002
Director: Jyuhachi Minamizawa
Actor: Ryou Nagumo, Yuki Iwata
Keywords: anime, hentai, boobs, didn't bother finishing it
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Format: 3 half-hour episodes
Url: https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/encyclopedia/anime.php?id=4891
Website category: Anime early 00s
Review date: 16 April 2024
Nurse Me
This one won't keep us long. It's meant to be a comedy and occasionally I laughed, but I found its choices unpleasant and I ditched it after the first episode.
Mind you, finishing an entire episode is in itself a small achievement. There's far worse hentai out there, especially when they involve nurses. Even if we avoid outright horrors like Night Shift Nurses, I only got ten minutes into Tokubetsu Byoutou, aka. Double Duty Nurses. That one gave me no indication of a plot or storyline, but only a hospital director having sex with her employees one after another, whether they liked it or not. This was her opening monologue... "Even though I'm a hermaphrodite, I have a hard time reproducing either as a man or a woman. If I want to bear children, my only option is to make these pills work. The red pill makes a woman's body susceptible to pregnancy. The blue pill increases a man's sperm count. As the head of this special ward, I have assembled my beautiful staff specifically for this experiment. These four women in particular are each perfectly suited to be my partner."
That's not today's hentai, though. Yumi Asakawa is a student at Nurse Academy. "I hope you'll become a nurse who's loved by every patient!" Despite having finished medical training, though, she knows nothing about sex. She's a nice idiot. On seeing one of her classmates having sex... "Oh no! He's giving her mouth-to-mouth and a heart massage!" She then interrupts them and volunteers to take over the man's medical treatment. His erection-droop on hearing this made me laugh.
She also becomes Enema Expert Yumi (unintentionally), which is horribly mesmerising but also ewwww. She hadn't realised she'd volunteered to do this embarrassing thing on stage in front of all the other girls in a packed lecture hall.
We see the problem of putting a catheter in an erect penis. Yumi's fellow student, Etsuko, is so matter-of-fact in explaining their (highly incorrect) procedure for this situation that I wondered if hospitals sometimes did this. I'm pretty sure you wouldn't, though, throw the job at your colleague and then sit and watch while giving masturbation instructions.
After that, though, patients and a doctor both try to rape Yumi. Whether or not she gets rescued in the nick of time, I found those scenes repellent (and I don't see why those patients didn't immediately get arrested). This might be a comedy, but I dislike its notions of humour. Nope. Run away. Discard this one on sight, even if Yumi herself is endearingly gung-ho about becoming the best medical professional she can be. "This must be a hurdle to becoming a good nurse!"