Akira IshidaJapanese
Princess Lover! (2010 OVA series)
Medium: OVA, series
Year: 2010
Actor: Akira Ishida, Ayaka Kimura, Mio Okawa, Suzune Kusunoki
Keywords: hentai, harem, boobs, anime
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Format: 2 episodes
Url: https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/encyclopedia/anime.php?id=11802
Website category: Anime early 10s
Review date: 13 September 2019
I'm surprised there aren't more hentai OVAs like this. Princess Lover! was originally an adults-only visual novel, so turning it into anime porn makes sense. You'll get an established cast with characterisation, a backstory and fans who were annoyed that Charlotte hogged the spotlight in the TV series and will be delighted to get an OVA that concentrates on Sylvie and Yuu instead.
Unfortunately it's also unpleasant.
The problem is Sylvie. She's proud to the point of being stuck-up and seems to think that enjoying sex makes her defiled and depraved. The script also regards non-consensual sex as hot. The OVA's mostly just hardcore sex scenes (albeit with digital mosaics on the genitals) and every single one between Teppei and Sylvie in ep.1 starts as borderline assault. Mostly it's Teppei having sex with Sylvie even as she's ordering him to stop, saying that she's embarrassed and humiliated, etc. The other is Sylvie disguised in a maid's outfit, ambushing Teppei for fellatio as he gets into a limousine... and even then she can't stop saying what she's doing is unforgivable.
They manage to have mutually agreed sex in ep.2, but only because Sylvie promised to be Teppei's slave for 24 hours. That's the nearest she can get to "consensual".
There are blow jobs from Yuu. That's a maid's duty, after all. Ahem. Nonetheless, this OVA would have been far less distasteful had Yuu had all of Sylvie's screen time. (Or Charlotte. Or even Seika. Or grandad, despite being a blood relative.)
Disturbingly, throughout these episodes, Teppei's eyes are hidden by his spiky hair. We never see them. Perhaps this was meant to make him an everyman so that otaku could pretend they're him? In practice, it's creepy as hell. He looks like a predator. (Terrifyingly, in one scene Sylvie's little sister sits on his lap at the dinner table. Nothing happens, but it's still hair-raising to see a child in something like this.)
Oh, and Teppei can ejaculate twice in a couple of minutes and three times in a single session.
By hentai standards, the OVA's quite good. It's got character growth for Sylvie and even, ultimately, a plot. (She has to go back home to her country.) By any other standards, though, it's unwatchable. It's full of sex that's unpleasant and hence boring. Besides, you'd barely have ten minutes left if you edited out the hand jobs, blow jobs, fingering, anus-licking, anal sex (which Sylvie discovers is her favourite), cunnilingus, boob jobs, double-headers (just Teppei's fantasy) and vanilla sex scenes.