Yoko AsadaMaya OkamotoHideyuki KurataRie Iwatsubo
Parade Parade
Medium: OVA, series
Year: 1996
Writer: Hideyuki Kurata
Actor: Yoko Asada, Maya Okamoto, Rie Iwatsubo, Sumie Baba
Keywords: anime, hentai, boobs
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Format: Two 29-minute episodes
Url: https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/encyclopedia/anime.php?id=3052
Website category: Anime 1990s
Review date: 9 April 2024
Parade Parade
It's another hentai to make your head explode! Count the reasons why you shouldn't even be allowed to tell this story today. The past is indeed a foreign country.
Kaori Shiina is a pop idol. She's beautiful! She's a top star! She's a bit dozy and keeps failing to recognise her professional rivals! She's also in a lesbian relationship with her manager, Yuko Imai, as is demonstrated by a six-minute sex scene. They're a sweet couple and I'm happy for them, but that scene went on too long.
Unfortunately, Kaori has a career-threatening secret. She has both male and female genitalia. (People like this do exist, but don't expect both sets of waterworks to be fully functioning.) Yuko doesn't mind, though, and has always helped Kaori deal with her insecurity and body confidence issues. She's also happy to help defuse an inconvenient erection before going on stage. Still nothing wrong so far... but things get problematic with Midorosawa Saki, a rival pop star who declares that she'll add Kaori to her "collection". Saki assaults her in the toilets and rapes her while her lackey stands guard outside. Kaori's crying and begging, but what's even worse is that Saki's learned her secret and seems unlikely to let a blackmail opportunity go to waste.
Does Kaori call the police? Does she try to have Saki arrested? Nope. Instead, it turns out that Yuko and Saki have history together. Saki summons them to her apartment that night and challenges Yuko to a lesbian orgasm race, with the prize being Kaori. Yuko says she's crazy, but Kaori says she's willing to participate. "I'll do it! I want to be useful to you!"
We've identified the crazy person. What is this definition of "useful"?
At last, the truth is revealed. Back when Yuko and Saki were newbie idols, they shared a bad experience. Yuko's manager locked her in a hotel room with sinister but influential men who explained that Yuko could either do whatever they said or kiss goodbye to her career. Then, they gang-raped her. (What's particularly creepy is the manager patiently waiting in the corridor outside, smoking a cigarette. He probably heard it all, from start to finish.) Then, a door is opened to reveal Saki, naked and screaming. The horror presumably continues. Eventually, once it's all over, Yuko and Saki are hugging each other in the lift to the ground floor. Saki says she'll change careers... and Yuko talks Saki out of it Don't you love singing? Don't you want to be an idol? Stick at it! Keep going! Don't think about how often you'll have to endure a repeat of this evening! They do indeed continue and what upsets Yuko the most is being forced to quit AFTER A YEAR due to illness.
Saki's still in the business today, four years later. Mind you, she's a long, long way from healthy.
You'll want to scream. The rape and exploitation is bad enough, but almost worse is the girls' acceptance of it. They do nothing to stop it happening again. They don't tell the police. They encourage other girls to endure it. This could be called "truth in television", given the known history of the entertainment industry in both Japan and the West... and yet this is also a comedy. Kaori's inability to remember names is played for goofy laughs, as is Saki changing agencies to work alongside Yuko and Kaori at the end. I'm sure that's better for Saki, but what about Kaori having to work alongside as her rapist? Also, what's happening to Saki's "collection"? (As a post-credits scene reminds us.)
Is this show's comedy funny? Occasionally, yes, but most of it is Extremely Not Funny. There are people here who want shooting. We're talking a vigilante with a gun on their doorsteps at 2am. You'd almost volunteer to do it yourself.