Also known as: My Balls
Medium: comic
Year: 2007
Writer: Shigemitsu Harada
Artist: Seguchi Takahiro
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Keywords: manga, boobs
Format: 6 volumes, 41 chapters + 4 bonus chapters, 1100-ish pages
Url: https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/encyclopedia/manga.php?id=7796
Website category: Manga
Review date: 30 July 2016
Kouta is an ordinary 19-year-old virgin with a lousy part-time job and a furious masturbation habit. One day, though, a magical accident seals something into his right testicle. It's the Lady Emmaniel, Queen of Terror and co-ruler of Hell, and if she gets out before the end of July then she'll destroy mankind.
If he ejaculates, she'll escape. Kouta thus can't make special friends with his trusty right hand for a month! Shock! Horror! Oh, and he's also going to have all the devils in Hell trying to make him come.
This is a serious and profound attempt to explore the deep philosophical issues that... no, just kidding. It's a sex comedy. Apparently it's not a hentai because it was published in a mainstream magazine, but if so then the line between hentai and non-hentai is beyond the comprehension of us lesser mortals. Pretty much every sex act is performed here, including some I hadn't heard of. (Armpit sex? Is that a thing?) We never see genitals except as an all-white silhouette, but otherwise you're in for lots of very explicit (and funny) content.
It's just that Kouta is usually desperate to escape. After a while, he'll have medical problems.
It's rather good, actually. Absolute filth, of course, but it made me laugh. It's at its best in the early volumes. Kouta's relationships with Elyse and Minayo are still unstable and more explosive. The later volumes are fun too, but the set-up's got cosier and the formula's in danger of getting repetitive. However the manga also has a romantic streak, believe it or not, and I admire it for avoiding the "marry 'em both" harem solution. It doesn't cheat. Your heart will go out to the poor girl he refuses, although she picks herself up afterwards, and the finale ends up being downright sweet.
Ongoing characters include:
MINAYO - simply lovely co-worker on whom Kouta has a massive crush. She has a bit of a problem with alcohol, but the thing is that in a different series, her world-endangering behaviour would have been romantic. She's trying really hard to be a good girlfriend. However what our idiot hero should have done, of course, was to say, "Yes, of course, I'd be delighted to go out with you... but I've got a bit of a problem this month. Would August be okay?"
ELYSE - lesser devil and record-breaking tsundere. Her outfit is basically wisps of clothing damage. She starts out determined to make Kouta come... but amusingly she's the demonic equivalent of a swooning Victorian maiden. She soon develops a penis phobia. Before long she's shacking up in his apartment. She's also capable of signing a contract for your soul.
IRENE - succubus. Enough said.
MICHAEL - homeless old bum and heavenly Archangel.
Occasionally it's killingly funny. Ch.15 takes embarrassment sex comedy to a supernatural level. Elyse's malevolence in ch.26 had me in hysterics, e.g. her "here you go" tissues face. However quite often it's the dialogue that's the funniest. Just a straight-faced summary of the situation is liable to be a comedy gem through sheer absurdity. "Mankind's fate is riding on my testicles." "I'll tell this now, Ms. Grim Reaper, but we're not out to kill him. He must ejaculate!" Kouta also manages to come up with the worst ever intimate romantic declaration, although it makes more sense in context. "Okay, okay, then. When all this ends, help me cum."
Are there any taste problems? Well, over and above the massive taste failure required to read it in the first place? Not usually, no. However very occasionally Kouta gets into a porny mindset that's either criminal (ch.22) or criminal, sinister and creepy (ch.8). Elyse is unfortunately meant to be loli (i.e. paedo appeal), although technically she's a centuries-old demon and more importantly you can't tell anyone's age when they're drawn in this manga style. I also don't like Bonus Chapter 20.5, which gender-switches the premise and gets distasteful.
Hell looks pretty nifty. Christmas trees of skulls with gaping fanged jaws.
It's pretty good. Its content is appalling, obviously, and the kind of thing you'd buy in unmarked paper bags. However it's funny, unexpectedly sincere and even at times educational. I'd have never thought of the vinegar-swallowing. You'll have to allow some artistic licence for what's inside a man's testicles, though. (Yes, in addition to the Demon Lord of Hell.) I enjoyed it.
"As for Nina, the Blue Angel of Heaven, she was reported to the police as a molester."