Naoko MatsuiChieko HondaJapanese
Ningyou Tsukai
Also known as: Sexorcist
Medium: OVA
Year: 1996
Writer: Kazuhiko Godo
Actor: Naoko Matsui, Yumi Hikita, Chieko Honda
Keywords: anime, hentai, boobs, SF, rubbish
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Format: One 39-minute episode
Website category: Anime 1990s
Review date: 11 April 2024
Ningyou Tsukai
I hated this one, but it would have been fine without the rape.
There's nothing wrong with its premise. It's the cyberpunk 22nd century and mankind's spilling out into every environment it can find, in search of raw materials. We've gone underground, under the oceans and into space. We've also invented robot avatars called Silhouettes to send into situations too dangerous for a human, although the tech boys have improved the Silhouettes' sensory interfaces so much that their remote-control pilots feel everything too, for good or bad.
I also quite liked the cast. Our heroine, Rika, is the 19-year-old test pilot of the latest Silhouette. (19-year-old girls make the best pilots, because this is Japan.) She has a tough-as-nails lesbian bodyguard, Sandy, who trains her in hand-to-hand combat and is liable to grope her during combat practice. "Try and escape now, Rika! If I were a molester, do you think I'd stop just because you asked me?" Rika even has a pathetic sort-of-boyfriend, Satoshi, who'd like to be the one protecting her but will never get any action (of any kind) and is always getting outshone by the girls. He's left in their dust.
The problem is the baddies' activities. They have Silhouettes that can rape a girl and convey the sensation to their pilots. (Someone decided that what robots needed was a penis. Bloody hell.) They run an underground robot gladiatorial arena and they'll kidnap both Sandy and Rika, which is distasteful because:
(a) it's yet another example of Rape Victims Enjoy It Really. Hypothetically, one could speculate that perhaps these robots have some kind of 22nd century human sensory override... but no.
(b) if you kidnap and rape a lesbian, she'll love it and become one of your evil employees if you've drugged her beforehand.
(c) the gladiatorial contests include Rape Matches.
(d) the Rich Bastard Audience at the arena includes both men and women, with the implication that the latter are completely happy with this kind of entertainment and are enjoying the show.
Even the English-language title is nonsense. Sexorcist? This is SF cyberpunk, not supernatural demon horror. (The Japanese title is straightforward and accurate.) Curiously, this OVA was an adaptation of a 1992 fighting game that reviewers compared with Street Fighter II. Nothing too complicated. It didn't have any power-ups or strategy elements. Its main gimmick was an all-female cast with a bit of nudity, but it also has an under-13 version that's apparently quite difficult but a perfectly playable fighting game. It even got an English-language release as "Metal & Lace: The Battle of the Robo Babes", which is a better name than Sexorcist.
As for this OVA, though... no, no, no. Piss off. Absolutely not. The show's non-sexual aspects are quite good, mind you. The comedy works, the baddies are loathsome and the heroines don't need rescuing. They can do it all themselves without a man, while kicking twenty kinds of arse. The plot's perfectly good and a lot more memorable than most one-off OVAs.
But no. Not in a million years.