Shuka SaitoAika KobayashiNanaka SuwaKanako Takatsuki
Love Live! Sunshine!! Live Action Special Movie
Medium: film
Year: 2017
Original creator: Hajime Yatate
Actor: Ai Furihata, Aika Kobayashi, Aina Suzuki, Anju Inami, Arisa Komiya, Kanako Takatsuki, Nanaka Suwa, Rikako Aida, Shuka Saito
Keywords: Love Live, puppets
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Format: 16 minutes
Website category: Japanese
Review date: 15 July 2020
love live sunshine
It's an April Fool. The Love Live! staff announced on 1 April 2017 that Love Live! Sunshine!! would be getting a live-action movie. They even released a 16-minute live-action trailer, with the AQOURS voice actors reprising their roles.
This is it. It's... well, it's undeniably not anime. Instead, it's Muppets. Glove puppet girls reenact The Three Little Pigs, Urashima Tarou (Otohime) and Momotarou (Onigashima). One Piece has also used two of those stories, but I don't think there's a connection. The whole thing's very silly. There are lots of coelacanths, e.g. playing the wolf, while Riko-chan never loses her pig nose.
This video couldn't be more disposable, but I laughed. Its Muppets dancing are amusing, for a start.