Aya UchidaAri OzawaAkari KageyamaGo Shinomiya
Komori-san Can't Decline
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Also known as: Komori-san wa Kotowarenai
Medium: TV, series
Year: 2015
Director: Kenichi Imaizumi
Original creator: Coolkyoushinja
Actor: Aya Uchida, Ari Ozawa, Maria Naganawa, Reina Takeshita, Akari Kageyama, Akira Matsumoto, Chika Fujito, Futaba Kino, Go Shinomiya, Hajime Hamada, Haru Tsubaki, Issei Yamao, Mai Hirano, Nana Inoue, Neo Tanaka, Shougo Nishihara, Takumi Kamada
Keywords: anime
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Format: 13 two-minute episodes
Url: http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/encyclopedia/anime.php?id=17485
Website category: Anime 2015
Review date: 5 July 2016
Komori-san wa Kotowarenai
It's another short-form anime from the creator of I Can't Understand What My Husband Is Saying. I don't think the basic idea's particularly promising, but the show manages to overcome that and be charming anyway.
Komori is a schoolgirl with big boobs who can't say no to anything. Sounds dodgy. It's not. Komori's simply a nice (and ridiculously tall) girl who loves helping people out. Doing good deeds is her idea of fun. When people stop relying on her because it's exam season and everyone's studying, she gets lonely. In some ways, the show's a character study of Komori and other people like that (Ootani) who want to help others and will put themselves to considerable trouble to do so.
Otherwise, Komori's a regular schoolgirl who gets embarrassed like anyone else and would hopefully decline sexual requests. However we never find out (fortunately) because nothing like that happens. Sleaze doesn't exist in this show's universe and the story has absolutely no intention of going there.
Instead it's a gentle slice-of-life show that's approximately a comedy. I did sometimes laugh. However the focus is on character, not gags. The episodes explore Komori's limitations, motivations and peculiarities. She grows into a far more developed character than you'd expect from two-minute episodes. We also learn a fair bit about her friends Megumi, Masako and Ootani (although he only shows up halfway through). Imagine Ootani as a rude, male and unimpressive Komori. He yearns to be helpful, but no one ever thinks to ask him because he's short. Komori on the other hand is six foot tall (and still growing!) and stands out like the Eiffel Tower, so everyone homes in on her. (Seeing her walking down the street with her friends is like seeing a giraffe with two penguins.)
It's interesting to explore the limits of Komori's powers. She'll happily carry anything for you, which over the years has given her weightlifter strength. However there are things she simply can't do, e.g. when asked to join a volleyball team in ep.4. She can't play volleyball. She's no good at it. That said, though, I wonder what might have happened had her temporary teammates used more request language. "How about pretending the ball's asking you to catch it." This worked! Apparently the manga has a scene where someone makes Komori remember something she's forgotten by phrasing the question as a request.
There's a little harmless fanservice (bikinis and yukata) and the anime's apparently made Komori bustier. (They don't look entirely real, to be honest.) However this is the kind of show that you'll wish they'd expanded on. It works just fine at its current length, but I'd have enjoyed seeing ep.4 (for instance) explored in more depth. I wanted more of a good thing, basically. There's easily enough meat on the characterisation for it. A couple of later episodes show the girls considering their futures, as they have to choose high schools and think about careers. You couldn't call this an important show, but I think it's a deceptively good one. That's two out of two so far for me with Cool-kyo Shinja anime. What else has he done? Hmmm. I see another manga of his called Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid has also had an anime series greenlit...