Kijoku: Princess Double Kari
Also known as: Slutty-Princess Diaries
Medium: OVA, series
Year: 2004
Director: Shinen Chiba
Actor: Asumi Noda, Daichi Hirono, Kaori, Sae Morino, Sakura Takatsuki, Shunsuke Tani, Suzune Kusunoki, Yukari Aoyama
Keywords: anime, hentai, boobs, fantasy
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Format: 3 episodes
Url: https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/encyclopedia/anime.php?id=6181
Website category: Anime early 00s
Review date: 10 April 2024
Kijoku Princess Double Kari
I refuse to use this hentai's English name, which is almost as repellent as the show itself. (It's even ungrammatical, thanks to that hyphen.) This isn't a hentai parody of the 2001 live-action Disney film with Anne Hathaway and Julie Andrews, incidentally, but instead a dark fantasy with two perfectly normal princesses:
(a) Princess Irina, who gets kidnapped by Prince Distol before the start of ep.1 and she'll get raped by him over and over again until she breaks. He's the show's protagonist.
(b) Princess Qoona, who's Distol's sister... but they're not blood related. Her first scene underlines this repeatedly. (We're not blood related, and also we're not blood related. Did I mention that we're not blood related?) This show is based on a visual novel and they're not blood related in that either. Frankly, though, this is hentai and I'm sure they'd have still shagged each other had they been full siblings. Anyway, Qoona loves Distol romantically.
There are also two queens, one of whom gets raped to death offscreen by the villain... and that's not the disgusting bit. What's really offensive (because it's perpetuating a myth that's believed by some people) is the show's belief that rape victims take pleasure from being raped. No no no. Piss off. Even with magic potions, I couldn't believe in the Distol-Irina scenes and was fast-forwarding queasily through them. By the end of ep.3, she's fallen in love with him and is helping to support his war efforts. (I think we're supposed to approve of her treatment on some level because she's haughty. She talks to everyone as if they're peasants... but, relatively speaking, they are. She's royalty.)
Also, though, this is a Faustian story of an anti-hero bringing about the end of the world. Because he loves his sister. The series ends with Distol charging off on horseback to fight the Demon Lord, with the only possible ending in my opinion being Distol's imminent death, the fall of civilisation and then perhaps the extinction of mankind. Hurrah! I approve. This dark-as-hell story demands the darkest possible ending. Distol isn't technically evil and was doing all this to try to save his sister, but some gift horses should be looked in the mouth. All the signs were there. Who stood to benefit from Qoona being rescued, eh?
Here's the backstory:
"Many years ago, the world was terrorised by a Demon King. He was as strong as a god, he had an army of monsters and he plunged civilisation into a Dark Age. Exactly a thousand years ago, the Elder of Time successfully sealed him... but a sacrifice must be paid to keep that seal intact. In times of war and hatred, it weakens. To strengthen it again, the Church demands a sacrifice. She must be a virgin, pure in heart. Girls chosen for sacrifice are imprisoned in the Tower of Ceremonies for a year as the seal is replenished from their life force. Its seal means the sacrifice's death. These girls are praised and honoured by everyone for giving their lives, which is why they're called Holy Maidens. On entering the Tower of Ceremonies, a magical barrier surrounds it and stops anyone from leaving. Qoona has been chosen to be the next Holy Maiden. Once again, I couldn't protect the one I love!"
Hang on, though. The sacrifice must be a virgin? Couldn't a quick shag have disqualified her? No one thinks of this... but Distol and Qoona end up doing the deed, yet she's still the official sacrifice afterwards. Drat.
If you skip the rape scenes, this one's okay. Distol was sent to a bullying neighbouring country as a hostage. His mother went with him, but she's not there any more. He eventually gets his revenge and goes home to raise an army, only to find that his kinsmen are grovelling cowards. Distol does disgusting things and sets up the triumph of evil, while believing himself heroic and having romantic sex with his thoroughly nice sister (who's meant to die to save the world, as she herself points out).
In outline, I approve of this story. It's black as the pits of hell, but that's what Distol deserves. It fits the definition of classical tragedy. In practice: hell no.