Invisible ManHiroshi FujitaMeguriAmi Onizuka
Invisible Hentai Man
Also known as: Toumei Hentai Ningen
Medium: film
Year: 2013
Director: Wataru Oku
Writer: Yuta Takahashi
Series: << Invisible Man >>
Keywords: boobs
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Actor: Meguri, Yoshida Masaki, Hiroyuki Kaneko, Ami Onizuka, Hiroshi Fujita, Kesuke
Format: 74 minutes
Website category: J-sleaze
Review date: 8 February 2020
It's obscure. The English-language internet barely knows that this movie exists. Look on Japanese Amazon, though, and you'll find that there's a series of them, each starring a different hardcore porn actress. This one stars Meguri, but there are others with Aimi Yoshikawa and Arina Hashimoto.
Despite all that, though, the film's far more innocent than I'd expected. Sex is kept offscreen and only Meguri gets naked. (Well, unless you count men. Hideo's naked on-screen for a good third of the film, albeit with digital groin blurring.) Even the title is a lie. Hideo is an Invisible Man, yes, but he's only a hentai (i.e. pervert) in one early scene. (He looks up a skirt, then has the idea of hiding in the toilet. He doesn't get the expected outcome.)
In fact, the film's likeable and romantic, with surprisingly complex characterisation.
Our little hero is Hideo-kun, who almost manages to stay charming when he's being a sex offender. The actor has a huge smile and stays on the right side of overacting. Importantly, also, the character's nice. He gets bullied at work by Kiyoko (played by Meguri). It's his own fault, admittedly... but when Kiyoko gets drunk after work, he helps her home and makes sure that nothing happens to her. He also tries to save a passer-by from being mugged, even though the inevitable outcome is that Hideo gets robbed instead.
(He tried to save an old Chinese man, incidentally. A bottle of invisibility pills appears on Hideo's table the next morning.)
Hideo has other colleagues. There's an apparently feeble-minded girl who becomes ten times as annoying when you know her secret. There's the gaunt-looking Ryuuichi, who says he just wants to help. There's the company boss, who's sleeping with Kiyoko and has promised to leave his wife. Not soon, but eventually. Next year, after his daughter's graduated.
The key character, though, is Kiyoko.
It's surprisingly dark characterisation. Kiyoko's a bit of a harridan and she's always scolding Hideo. Even when she's drunk after work, her maudlin speech of self-awareness turns out more judgemental of Hideo than you'd think. (He annoys her.) She's got a bit of an alcohol problem, she's sleeping with a married man and she'll later say that she's fed up of having to hide her romantic relationships. She needs help, frankly. Invisible Hideo ends up looking after her quite a lot... and her reactions to this are startling. Firstly, she works this out. (Even when she's drunk, she's not stupid.) Secondly, she decides she likes him. She realises that he's standing quietly next to her, traps him under a blanket and has Invisible Man sex.
Before long, I was worrying about her mental stability. She shows photos of her boyfriend at work. Her invisible boyfriend. She's distressed and/or surprised when this doesn't go well.
This is such a weird situation. Imagine having an invisible boyfriend who never even speaks. This produces an unusual love triangle, not to mention alarming risks. Its finale also digs deep enough into its cast's emotions that Meguri's limitations as an actress are shown up.
I liked it. It's surprisingly strong, with a nice ending. It's a cheap pink film, obviously, but it's going some places that could do your head in. The CGI's good and sometimes subtle, although they've saved money by shooting most of the Invisible Man scenes with Hideo visible to us (only). My main niggle is that there's a bit more punching than I'd have liked.
It's the first Japanese Invisible Man film I've found that's actually good.