Hentai 1st episodes 2020: Y-Z
Including: Yamakaze Twins (GrayHound), Yarichin Kateikyoushi Netori Houkoku, Yopparai Onechan no Chitsu ni Shasei, Youma Shoukan e Youkoso, Yuutousei Ayaka no Uraomote
Medium: TV, series
Year: 2020
Series: << Hentai 1st episodes 2020
Keywords: hentai, anime, boobs, fantasy
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Format: 5 first episodes
Website category: Anime 2020
Review date: 15 October 2023
Yamakaze Twins
Yamakaze Twins (GrayHound)
Episodes: 1 x 3 minutes
One-line summary: dirty CGI music video
Two KanColle ship girls walk rhythmically in their underwear. That's it. (We hardly ever glimpse the turquoise-haired one, though, compared with her pink-haired twin.) The music is repetitive electronic bleeps with almost no lyrics, but it's also quite good in a "background music" sort of way.
They don't have sex, but they do have magic underwear that appears, disappears and transforms.
Yarichin Katei kyoushi Netori Houkoku
Yarichin Kateikyoushi Netori Houkoku
Episodes: 2 x 16 minutes
One-line summary: porn with a plot
The protagonist (Nozomu Kurisu) gets hired as a tutor by a man (Tatsunobu) who hasn't been able to get hard for the last two years. The job involves teaching Kurisu's daughter (Shizuku) and sexually servicing his wife (Akari), while Kurisu secretly watches. That's how he gets his jollies. He enjoys the thought of his wife cheating on him.
Our hero has no objection to this... but then Shizuku discovers what's happening.
SHIZUKU: "So, was it because mum was having a hard time with dad's erectile dysfunction? Were you helping out my mum, sensei?"
KURISU (inner narration only): "In Shuzuku-chan's eyes, sex is a wonderful and pleasant thing that makes people happy. She sees me as helping Akari-san, who's sexually frustrated."
SHIZUKU: "I hope dad gets well soon. I promised him I'd give him my first time."
KURISU: "If that's so, perhaps I could help with curing your dad's condition."
SHIZUKU: "I'm begging you! Please let me help him!"
KURISU: "Then we should have sex lessons first."
In the next shot, Shizuku is holding Kurisu's cock. She realises after a while that she's breaking her promise to give her father her virginity, but Kurisu explains that experience will make her a better performer for daddy! Well, that's okay, then. She's happy with that.
We later discover that both mother and daughter can extend their mouths like octopi during fellatio. They look as if they have horses' snouts. Kurisu starts doing them both at once... and Tatsunobu's completely okay with this too, so long as he can go on secretly watching. He's got it all on video, for blackmailing Kurisu if things don't go as planned.
That was freaky.
Yopparai Oneechan no Chitsu ni Shasei
Yopparai Onechan no Chitsu ni Shasei
Episodes: 1 x 20 minutes
One-line summary: hardcore porn
A lady in a business suit got a bit drunk and is now sleeping on the sofa. She gets raped and enjoys it.
Ugh, no.
Youma Shoukan he Youkoso
Youma Shoukan e Youkoso
Episodes: 2 x 16 minutes
One-line summary: demon brothel
This one's not even pretending to have a plot. A faceless male customer (represented by the point-of-view camera) visits a demon brothel. Its employees include a "unidemon" (two girls who share a soul and each have one horn and one wing) and a hermaphrodite vampire princess with a maid. If you've ever wanted to see a penis penetrating another penis as if it were a hollow tube, here's your chance. Bloody hell.
There are spankings and elaborate, heavy-looking nipple piercings. The protagonist never shags the brothel's receptionist, despite requesting her, because she's a trainee and hasn't had her debut yet. Everyone's happy and enthusiastic. It's harmless enough, in its hell demon way.
Yuutousei Ayaka no Ura omote
Yuutousei Ayaka no Uraomote
Episodes: 1 x 16 minutes
One-line summary: animated hardcore porn
Ayaka works hard, has never been naughty and gets top marks at school. She didn't choose to be a goodie-two-shoes, but she's acquired that label and feels she has to live up to it. What kind of person is she like, underneath? To test this, she creates a second persona who enjoys fellatio and unprotected sex with men she chose at random on social media. Sometimes she has to hide from park attendants while having outdoor sex with strangers.
The result is that her grades slip at school, so she shags the teacher who'd said, "Your grades are your only redeeming feature." (Unless the episode has two bespectacled older men who look the same.) She'd tried backpedalling, but... "I haven't even been masturbating lately. I won't be able to focus on my studies unless I have sex!"
Result: she gets top marks again! "This proves that you're concentrating on your studies!"
The moral of the story is presumably... um, something we shouldn't think about.