Hentai 1st episodes 2020: S
Including: SCHOOLGIRL FUCKED IN PUBLIC, Scourge of the Evil!, Sexfriend Gakuen, Sefure Gakuen, Sex Friend Osananajimi: Shojo to Doutei wa Hazukashii tte Minna ga Iu kara The Animation, Sex Loot, Shakkin Oyako, Shihai no Kyoudan, Shikato Yarihoudai: Nani wo Sarete mo Mushi Shiyou to Taeshinobu Shoujo-tachi: The Motion Anime, Shikijou Kyoudan, Shikiyoku Infinite, Shikoyaka naru Toki mo Hameru Toki mo, Shinnen no Ball Mister, Shiratsuyu de Kiss Me Aishite iru, Sonchou-san no Warudakumi, Sotsugyou Chikan Densha, Soukou Seiki Ysphere Ingyaku no Sennou Kaizou, A Squishy Slime Miku Service, Succubus and Elf BDSM, Succubus Stayed Life The Animation, Suketto Sanjou!! The Animation, Summer Girl, Super Naughty Maid! 2
Medium: TV, series
Year: 2020
Series: << Hentai 1st episodes 2020 >>
Keywords: hentai, anime, SF, fantasy, boobs, baseball, superhero, gangster, yakuza
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Format: 22 first episodes
Website category: Anime 2020
Review date: 29 September 2023
Episodes: 1 x 16 minutes
One-line summary: CGI hardcore porn
A schoolgirl's browsing the internet in a children's playground. She drops her phone, tries to retrieve it and gets stuck in one of the climbing things. Her skirt falls off while she's wriggling.
No, she's not the world's brightest schoolgirl. Her efforts to free herself are quite funny.
Someone appears and pulls down her knickers. For a moment, she thinks it's the boy she's waiting for. He starts doing hentai things, which is embarrassing for her and she'd like him to hurry up and finish before her friend arrives.
Scourge of the Evil
Scourge of the Evil!
Episodes: 1 x 49 minutes
One-line summary: CGI hardcore porn
A pink-haired girl gets captured on a spaceship. The aliens put a black wriggly thing into her boss that turns him into a naughty tentacle monster.
Sexfriend Gakuen
Sefure Gakuen
Episodes: 1 x 21 minutes
One-line summary: hardcore porn
An ugly bloke (Takeshi Ookubo) is "sex friends" with a hot girl. As they're shagging, he thinks, "I was chosen by God"... and this appears to be correct, if you accept that God is a glowing purple light that takes an inappropriate interest in our sex lives. Ookubo promises "God" that, as ordered, he'll use hypnosis to make lots of sex friends on campus.
Next, he approaches four gyaru who tell him to piss off, but he makes them have group sex with him anyway. It all continues as you're imagining. One girl's hypnosis wears off and she grabs a knife and starts ranting, but all the other girls jump on her and Ookubo just re-hypnotises her. The episode's second half has the girls inviting a popular broadcaster (Yamashiro Saki-san) to come and investigate the secret of their school's physical prowess. The plan is to broadcast Ookubo's hypnosis on TV and take mental control of the entire country. This appears to work. The episode ends with 30% of Japanese women wanting to become his sex friend.
That said, though, Ookubo's voice actor is doing a fat voice. Also, the art style's unattractive (albeit presumably faithful to the original manga).
Sex Friend Osananajimi
Sex Friend Osananajimi: Shojo to Doutei wa Hazukashii tte Minna ga Iu kara The Animation
Childhood Friends with Benefits: It's Because Everyone Says That Being A Virgin Boy or Girl is Embarrassing
Episodes: 1 x 28 minutes
One-line summary: hardcore porn
A man (Yukihisa) and a woman (Shiho) who used to be sex friends meet at a class reunion and go to a cafe to reminisce. Most of the episode is actually a flashback to 15 years earlier, when they're still in high school and initiating a three-year "sex friendship". They didn't regard themselves as lovers, which seems a bit odd given the enthusiasm with which they run through all the conventional forms of intercourse and end up challenging each other to try everything they can think of.
Shiho's the one who initiates everything. She's the one who proposed this arrangement because she thinks being a virgin is embarrassing, then she spectacularly goes for it with, for instance, her first fellatio. We see how they broke up fifteen years ago (all very friendly and matter-of-fact, with exams looming), then in the present our heroes get together again.
I suppose you could call this romantic. It's based on a visual novel.
Sex  Loot
Sex Loot
Episodes: 1 x 8 minutes
One-line summary: CGI fantasy porn
The girl is Nitsa of the Golden Ravens. The man is a dark green goblin with an enormous sword and he wants to turn in Nitsa for a reward. The setting is a fantasy game world. (There's a Nitsa in World of Warcraft, but I've no idea whether or not they're related.)
Hitting Nitsa with a sword has no effect. She's level 180. "Witch... no, me and witches don't get along. I'm a succubus... on my mom's side, that is."
The plot's what you're imagining. The CGI backgrounds are lavish and lovingly rendered. There's strong background music throughout.
Shakkin  Oyako
Shakkin Oyako
Episodes: 1 x 44 minutes
One-line summary: CGI hardcore porn
A married man gambles and gets in trouble with the yakuza. He's got to pay. He has a wife and daughter.
The "good" news is that the film's too cheaply made and plot-light to be as nasty as you'd expect from its premise. It's still not much good, though.
Shihai Kyoudan
Shihai no Kyoudan
Episodes: 4 x 25-ish minutes
Keep watching: no
One-line summary: hardcore porn
Fujiyanagi Academy has a problem. Its student council president is in trouble, which would be bad for the school's image... so they pin the blame on a problem student, Sakashita Yoshiyuki. Hurrah, issue solved!
Hanamori Kotomi (a sympathetic teacher) couldn't protect Yoshiyuki and couldn't be sorrier about what happened. She says she'll do anything to make up for this... so he demands a blow job. "Just this once," says Kotomi reluctantly. She shouldn't be doing such things with a student. Hopefully, that'll be the end of it... but Yoshiyuki films it on his phone and repeatedly blackmails her into more.
Later episodes will star additional female teachers. Urgh.
Shikato Yarihoudai
Shikato Yarihoudai: Nani wo Sarete mo Mushi Shiyou to Taeshinobu Shoujo-tachi: The Motion Anime
Episodes: 1 x 37 minutes
One-line summary: "motion comic" hardcore porn
No matter what the faceless protagonist does to one of these schoolgirls, the class will ignore them and get on with their work. This could be during a lesson, or in the library, etc.
Shikijou  Kyoudan
Shikijou Kyoudan
Episodes: 2 x 16 minutes
Keep watching: ew, no
One-line summary: sinister anime hardcore porn
That was creepy as hell. It's the story of a sex cult and the unshaven, homeless patriarch they recruit from a public park to be their leader. As you do. Their manager, Itsuki Shima, finds this deeply unsuitable man, takes him home, sucks his dick and makes him the leader of their cult and its gullible members.
Here are some of our anti-hero's inner thoughts:
"Geh. Shit, shit, shit! Every single one of them is shit! I might as well drag one somewhere dim and rape her."
"Hah! I don't know what this 'Goddess Consort Assembly' is, but isn't it just basically cajoling the imbeciles to rip them off? Oh well, I'll just pretend that I'm all in with this woman's plans. She said I'll be a patriarch, so I might also get into her knickers some day."
"For now, I hold a grudge against this Itsuki Shima woman. I'll make her pay by any means for leading me by the nose! That's what I swore to my heart!"
He's thinking the above while having sex with her, incidentally. I'm not sure why he has a problem with her or her offer. He surely can't have been expecting to get a better job offer this week. Then, later, once he's shaved his head and dressed up in white robes, he sets his sights on a married cultist who'll believe anything her religious leader says. (She'll call herself an obscene woman and be distressed when obeying orders and having sex with someone other than her husband.)
"Your Holiness, is the impurity within me being exorcised?"
"Look at this, Yoshino-san. We're in the middle of a sacred ritual, but your heart is engulfed by lust."
"No-no way!"
"We will now perform an even more powerful ritual."
The episode ends with our anti-hero wondering which girl he could target next. It's like a horror movie.
Shiki yoku Infinite
Shikiyoku Infinite
Episodes: 2 x 20-ish minutes
Keep watching: no
One-line summary: depraved sex comedy
Kurumi's family is sex-crazed. Her mother is always having group sex and offers to pay a home tutor in personal services, not cash. Her sister hardly appears in these episodes, but made me laugh anyway with her outrageous outfit when the family are discussing Kurumi's poor school results.
As for Kurumi, she's a reluctant sex fiend. She loves cock, but she's grumpy about it and blames it on her family. "Even I'm shocked at my lack of self-control. But it can't be helped, right? It's not my fault! It's my genes. I can't do anything about it. I really did intend to study this evening!"
See also Kurumi's excuse for answering the door naked to the pizza delivery boy. "The people in this house are nude and having an orgy with mum, so they can't come to the door."
It's quite amusing.
Shikoyaka naru Toki mo Hameru Toki
Shikoyaka naru Toki mo Hameru Toki mo
Episodes: 2 x 20 minutes
Keep watching: no
One-line summary: hardcore porn
It's a two-part episode. The first story is just two women all over a man in a hot spring. No characterisation, although in fairness the girls seem like nice people. It's porn and nothing else.
The second episode, though, has a 32-year-old female protagonist who's getting drunk in a bar because a colleague got married. She didn't fancy the husband or anything. She's just getting maudlin about her career-focused life. Her boss shows up and talks to her about it. ("How old are you?" "31." "Aren't you 32?" "Sorry, I lied subconsciously.") This goes where you're imagining, but even so it's quite amusing.
New year ball mister
Shinnen no Ball Mister
New year ball mister
Episodes: 1 x 3 minutes
One-line summary: dirty CGI music video
A girl dances in a rather splendid red-and-white outfit. Either she's a video game character or that's the national costume of some country. It's a shame when it disappears.
No sex, just stripping. I quite like the song (Mister by the South Korean girl group KARA) and it's in quite a few of these MMD videos.
Shiratsuyu de Kiss Me Aishiteru
Shiratsuyu de Kiss Me Aishite iru
I love you kiss me KanColle
Episodes: 1 x 5 minutes
One-line summary: dirty CGI music video
Five of the KanColle ship-girls dance in their nightwear, in what looks like a stately home. Chandelier, expensive sofa, etc. It's just dancing and a bit of nudity, with no sex.
The song's okay. It's "Kiss Me Aishiteru" by the five-girl Japanese idol group Cute.
Sonchou san no Warudakumi
Sonchou-san no Warudakumi
Lots of clips
Keep watching: no
One-line summary: computer game CGI hardcore porn
Photorealistic CGI and a ton of onscreen text. One wrinkled old village elder (male). Two pretty schoolgirls who look a bit on the young side. No plot.
Sotsugyou Densha
Sotsugyou Chikan Densha
Episodes: 4 x 16 minutes
Keep watching: no
One-line summary: hardcore porn
A fat 43-year-old man has fond memories/fantasies about a teacher from his high school days. He remembers her showing him her knickers, then letting him masturbate on her. (He might just be imagining this.) Later, on the train, he sees a fat high school teacher who reminds him of her. He rubs his penis on her, ejaculates and fondles her breasts. On the train. In front of everyone. Except that, ahahaha, no, he didn't. He was just fantasising again. "She just left! I didn't do anything! I'll definitely make some good memories with her tomorrow!"
No no no no no. Run away.
Soukou Seiki Ysphere Ingyaku
Soukou Seiki Ysphere Ingyaku no Sennou Kaizou
Episodes: 2
Minutes: 29 + 27
One-line description: superhero porn
It stars two superheroines who claim to be the "ultimate cum dumpsters". This might be related to them having been captured by a supervillain, brainwashed, electrocuted and having had needles injected into their nipples.
Anyway, they perform fellatio for ten minutes, then move on to other acts.
"Squeezing semen out of enemies is the greatest attack a heroine of justice can do!"
Squishy Slime Miku Service
A Squishy Slime Miku Service
Episodes: 1 x 7 minutes
One-line summary: CGI hardcore porn
A transparent slime Hatsune Miku has sex with a bloke who lies there like a corpse. (Yes, corpses can have erections, especially if they were hanged. This chap's alive enough to ejaculate repeatedly, though.) There's no dialogue.
Sex with a ghost might resemble this, perhaps. It's imaginative, anyway, as if Miku's entire body is one big orifice. She's made of liquid.
Succubus and Elf
Succubus and Elf BDSM
Episodes: 1 x 6 minutes
One-line summary: CGI hardcore porn
The succubus has the elf tied up and hanging from the ceiling. She uses a ball gag, nipple clamp semi-torture, tickling in the stocks, etc. And some cunnilingus.
Succubus Stayed Life
Succubus Stayed Life The Animation
Episodes: 2 x 25 minutes
Keep watching: no
One-line summary: hardcore porn
Our hero (Matsukawa) is living with a classmate (Sakuramachi) who claims to be a succubus. Maybe she is and maybe she isn't, but she gives him three blow jobs, two boob jobs and six full sex sessions in this 25-minute episode. This doesn't leave much time for a plot.
There's a nod to the folklore of succubi, i.e. sex with sleeping men, which is unusual for either anime or hentai. Matsukawa wakes up on the bus to find that he's being given a blow job by his childhood friend (Yomisawa), who claims to be a succubus too. Matsukawa then wakes up AGAIN to find that he's on another bus but now sitting next to Sakuramachi, who calmly informs him that they're getting off at the next stop... as she wipes what might be semen off her chin.
There are a couple of short non-sex scenes with Yomisawa, who's curious about Matsukawa but hasn't worked out what's happening. (She will. It's hentai. There's an ep.2.) Overall, the episode's harmless and has no issues with consent or anything else beyond the fact that everyone's still at school, but it's about 90% sex scenes and you'll be fast-forwarding in search of actual content. A second succubus appears after the end credits.
The manga also has a live-action adaptation, starring Ruka Inaba. Yes, that's porn too. Don't google her other "acting" credits at work.
Suketto Sanjou
Suketto Sanjou!! The Animation
Episodes: 2 x 16-ish minutes
Keep watching: no
One-line summary: baseball sex comedy
The first five minutes are a baseball game. They're not professionals, mind you. It's just the folks in the local shopping district. In this company, Ryuuji's the star player because he was in his high school team. He can, though, be distracted by Sandy and Wendy coming out to bat in their bikinis and offering to have sex with him if he lets their team win. (Alternatively, if their team loses, they'll pay the penalty by having sex with him. I don't think this bribe was thought out properly.)
The baseball game's actually quite funny. It's a proper game, with no sex (yet) and enough attention being paid to the rules for the porn parody elements to be amusing. Thereafter it's a regular hentai, but an inoffensive one. It's light-hearted and even mildly romantic.
Summer Girl
Summer Girl
Episodes: 1 x 2 minutes
One-line summary: hardcore porn
A girl has sex on the beach. The computer-assisted "2D" animation is dreadful.
Super Naughty Maid 2
Super Naughty Maid! 2
Episodes: 1 x 91 minutes
One-line summary: photorealistic CGI maid has sex with her master
There's a brief bit at the beginning where the maid explains that she's going to stop giving sex lessons to her master. After that, though, it's just a movie-length sex scene with noises, moans, etc. but no dialogue.
The production values are high, but no one in the world will watch all 91 minutes of this from start to finish.