Hentai 1st episodes 2020: K
Including: Kaa-chan no Tomodachi ni Shikotteru Tokoro Mirareta. The Animation, kangxi - Conqueror, Kanojo ga Chara-ou ni Netorarete Ochiru Made The Motion Anime, Kanojo ga Yatsu ni Idakareta Hi, Kashima and suspicious demon!, Kasshoku Oriento Bijo to Shujuu Seikou: Mashou no Wagamama Sakusei Keiyaku ~ The Motion Anime, Knight of Erin, Kohaku-iro no Hunter The Animation, Kokoro Irresistible Desire, Kurasu Zen'in Ore no Yome Watashi-tachi no Karada wa Anata no Mono Joshi Zen'in Petto Sengen, Kusuguri-ki vs. 2B, Kutsujoku 2 The Animation, Kyonyuu Princess Saimin
Medium: TV, series
Year: 2020
Series: << Hentai 1st episodes 2020 >>
Keywords: hentai, anime, boobs, fantasy
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Format: 13 first episodes
Website category: Anime 2020
Review date: 17 September 2023
Listed under "T": The Titan's Bride, aka. Kyojinzoku no Hanayome
Kaa chan no Tomodachi ni Shikotteru Tokoro Mirareta
Kaa-chan no Tomodachi ni Shikotteru Tokoro Mirareta. The Animation
Episodes: 1 x 28 minutes
One-line summary: animated hardcore porn
Our hero (Nao) regularly cooks for his mum (Arisa). She's a divorced single mother, so she doesn't have time for housework on top of earning for them and at home he's effectively the house-husband. Anyway, Arisa mentions that she's invited her friend Shiori for dinner tonight, so he'll be cooking for three.
Arisa and Shiori both have huge boobs, naturally. When Nao finds Shiori asleep on the sofa in a skimpy top and her knickers on display... he puts a blanket over her and lets her sleep. Not all hentai go down that route. Later, to relieve the lower-half stress of this, he masturbates into a fleshlight while watching hardcore porn starring an actress who resembles her.
The real Shiori enters his room just after he's ejaculated. Furthermore, the now-full fleshlight plops off on to the floor... and Nao immediately slips on it while standing up and falls over.
This is, genuinely, funny. I laughed. The rest of the episode is just lots of sex and can be fast-forwarded, but it's also consensual and, ultimately, romantic. It's quite nice. You could do worse.
kangxi - Conqueror
Episodes: 1 x 4 minutes
One-line summary: dirty CGI music video
This song (Conqueror) gets used a lot in these dirty MMD videos, but I'm not wild about it. It's loud and aggressive, although I can see how that's also a positive quality. It's also deep, thumping and relatively slow, which in practice seems to inspire bland dancing.
This video's dancer has a really cool costume. She looks like an evil goth dominatrix queen, as if a Disney villainess had wanted to be more revealing. However the sex is alarming, with violent-looking fellatio in time to the music. That should be going out of the back of her head.
Kanojo ga Charaou ni Netorarete Ochiru Made
Kanojo ga Chara-ou ni Netorarete Ochiru Made The Motion Anime
Episodes: 1 x 26 minutes
One-line summary: "motion comic" hardcore porn
Three girls and three boys have a party. Beer is consumed and possibly also a date rape drug. Rape turns into a marathon group sex session.
Kanojo Yatsu ni idakareta hi
Kanojo ga Yatsu ni Idakareta Hi
Episodes: 2 x 25-ish minutes
Keep watching: no
One-line summary: idiot sex blackmailing
Yukihiro and Yurina are newlyweds who love each other very much. One day, they had sex at work and a colleague called Kiuchi Takashi: (a) manages to take such a close-up video of this on his phone that he must have been practically standing on top of the couple, and (b) uses this video to blackmail Yurina into having sex with him.
I'm pretty sure the latter wouldn't work like that in real life. Also, it's unpleasant to watch.
Kashima and suspicious demon
Kashima and suspicious demon!
Episodes: 1 x 3 minutes
One-line summary: dirty CGI music video
A naked girl dances in a strip club... no, wait, she's not technically naked to start with. She's wearing some dental floss that someone must have mistaken for a bikini.
She has sex. The song's energetic and quite fun. I've no idea why the title says "suspicious demon", unless that's the (translated into English) song title. Let me check. Ah, it is. Original Japanese title: Gishin'anki, by Umetora. It's worth a listen, actually.
As for Kashima, I think she's one of the ship-girls from Kantai Collection. (The original Kashima was a Japanese Katori-class light cruiser in World War II.)
Kasshoku Oriento Bijo to Shujuu Seikou Mashou no Wagamama Sakusei Keiyaku
Kasshoku Oriento Bijo to Shujuu Seikou: Mashou no Wagamama Sakusei Keiyaku ~ The Motion Anime
Episodes: 1 x 33 minutes
One-line summary: "motion comic" hardcore porn
It stars a purple-haired girl with cat ears and a minimal costume that might have been inspired by Ancient Egypt. She does lots of what you'd expect from hentai.
Ushinyuu Erin
Knight of Erin
Ushinyuu Erin
Episodes: 2
Minutes: 17 and 15
Keep watching: no
One-line summary: fantasy hardcore porn
It's a bit odd. I'm not entirely sure what's going on, but I also suspect it doesn't really matter.
Erin is a mercenary who travels around with Nighthawk, a girl with demon horns. I think Nighthawk might be a spirit or something, while there's also a third girl who has a job for them.
The main thing about the episode, though, is that Erin will have sex with anything man-shaped. She does it with a guard (to escape from a cell), four goblins (three of them at once), a ghost in Roman legionary armour (who can cause magical lactation) and a customer at a brothel where she's temporarily working. Nighthawk wants Erin to have lots of sex. I think Nighthawk might derive magical strength from semen, but maybe she's just lewd.
It's not grossly offensive or anything. It's sort of okay.
Kohaku iro no Hunter
Kohaku-iro no Hunter The Animation
Episodes: 2
Minutes: 30 + 16
One-line description: fantasy porn
It has a perfectly functional story that's watchable on a non-porn level. It's set in a remote human settlement in a snowbound forest area. Erika is the daughter of a priest or something, while Azul is the son of a recently deceased hunter. (He wants revenge against the beast that killed his father, while she wears skimpier clothes than you'd expect in that weather. Does elven heritage makes you cold-resistant?) Monsters are coming. There's a fight. Ep.1's first half contains nothing filthy at all and is a reasonably good fantasy adventure story.
We then get love confessions between Erika and Azul. They embark on a new relationship and learn surprising things about each other. Azul can ejaculate repeatedly in fast succession, while Erika has a penis. No, I hadn't known either that elves were hermaphrodites. To Azul's credit, he doesn't let this bother him.
Incidentally, Erika reminded me of Re:Zero's Emilia. They're both magical blonde half-elves with a white talking cat spirit (Elle/Puck) that lives on their shoulder and talks to them. That's the only similarity between the two series, though.
Kokoro ugly orc
Kokoro Irresistible Desire
Episodes: 1 x 8 minutes
One-line summary: CGI hardcore porn
It stars a big, ugly orc and a naked girl so shiny that she might as well have been oiled. They're in what might be a temple. Minimal plot and dialogue.
Kurasu Zenin Ore no Yome
Kurasu Zen'in Ore no Yome Watashi-tachi no Karada wa Anata no Mono Joshi Zen'in Petto Sengen
Episodes: 1 x 38 minutes
One-line summary: "motion comic" hardcore porn
It has at least fifteen girls and only one bloke. He'd be exhausted. There's no attempt whatsoever at a plot. It's just lots of sex scenes, usually with 4+ people. The harem includes a nun, a cat girl and a bandaged girl in hospital who's nonetheless keen to participate.
Kusuguriki vs 2B
Kusuguri-ki vs. 2B
Tickle machine vs 2B
Episodes: 1 x 4 minutes
One-line summary: CGI hardcore porn
2B from NieR:Automata is hanging naked in an SF chamber. Machines tickle her, then produce a dildo.
At the end, the camera pulls back to show that she's in a tower in a wilderness on an alien planet. Huge red sun, no other sign of life. It's a desert. The tower disappears underground.
Kutsujoku 2
Kutsujoku 2 The Animation
Episodes: 2 x 20 minutes
Keep watching: absolutely not
One-line summary: ew
It's the horrible sequel to an equally horrible 2019 hentai. Its protagonist is a rapist who coerces his victims with his mind control powers. They'll be crying, begging him to stop, saying that it hurts, etc. except with the additional mindfuck of not understanding why their body is acting against their wishes.
"N-No! Why am I doing this? This is disgusting! It has a weird salty taste. This is so gross! I think I'm going to throw up!"
Kyonyu Princess Saimin
Kyonyuu Princess Saimin
Episodes: 2 x 16 minutes
Keep watching: no
One-line summary: hardcore porn
In front of the assembled court, Queen Tamanna and Princess Safiina perform fellatio. "All women of the royal family attend to the king's body. It is your duty to squeeze out the baby seeds and conceive an heir in that body of yours."
In fairness, this isn't without a vestige of historical basis. Royal inbreeding was normal in ancient Egypt and in the European royal families, e.g. the House of Habsburg.
Then, though, Princess Faraasha comes home and is outraged. She doesn't recognise the "king". He's an imposter with hypnotic powers... and she falls victim too. Unpleasant sex scenes follow, ostensibly for revenge against the kingdom. There's also a female assassin called Kuzuha who gave the "king" the magic item that gave him hypnotic powers. I'm not sure why she fellates him too.
It's fairly repellent. Also, the female members of the royal family all have huge, pendulous breasts.