Hentai 1st episodes 2020: C
Including: Chapayev and commander, Chii-chan Kaihatsu Nikki, Chiisana Tsubomi no Sono Oku ni..., Chocolate Cream
Medium: TV, series
Year: 2020
Series: << Hentai 1st episodes 2020 >>
Keywords: hentai, anime, boobs
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Format: 4 first episodes
Website category: Anime 2020
Review date: 1 September 2023
Chapayev & commander
Chapayev and commander
Episodes: 1 x 4 minutes
Keep watching: n/a
One-line summary: cel-shaded CGI hardcore porn
A blue-haired girl in a naval uniform masturbates while talking to herself about her commander. The commander himself finds her and they have sex.
Chii chan Kaihatsu Nikki
Chii-chan Kaihatsu Nikki
Episodes: 2 x 16 minutes
Keep watching: no
One-line summary: hentai
Chisato (aka. Chii-chan) has a date tomorrow, but her uncle's come to stay. "I can't wander around the house naked! What a pain!" When she catches him going through her underwear, she threatens to call the cops.
He rapes her, so everyone should avoid this hentai. "I always felt so guilty when I masturbated to you!"
Chiisana Tsubomi no Sono Oku ni
Chiisana Tsubomi no Sono Oku ni...
Episodes: 4 x 25-ish minutes
One-line summary: drama porn
It's well written and a bit spiky. Also, it starts with a flash-forward to a woman holding a bloodstained knife, saying "liar". That's what the story's heading for.
Satoru is a student who sleeps around. (He goes through four women here.) Yukari is his neighbour who bangs on his door to complain that she and her daughter Miku can hear him through the wall. Eventually, though, Yukari's shagging him herself, while demanding that Satoru never lay a finger on Miku.
The writing quality makes the show interesting. Hentai characters say "no" to sex! Miku's age comes across. She's stern towards her subordinates at work, isn't into younger men and talks to Satoru as if he's a child even after fellating him. It's been ages since she's had a man, though, being a young widow who raised Miku by herself.
The dialogue's abrasive, even during sex scenes. Satoru will say "I don't care about you" to someone who's sucking him off against a wall. Her reply (without stopping) is, "That's mean! But hey, I'm the same about you." People tell lies that get other people into trouble. This is drama (as well as porn).
Chocolate Cream
Episodes: 1 x 3 minutes
Keep watching: n/a
One-line summary: dirty CGI music video
Two goth girls dance to Laysha's Chocolate Cream. I like the song a good deal, but it's rappy, which makes the dancing a bit static. Fortunately, though, having two girls rather than one helps overcome that and make the choreography more interesting again.
No sex, just stripping.