The IdolmasterJapanese
Hentai 1st episodes 2018: B
Medium: OVA, series
Year: 2018
Series: << Hentai 1st episodes 2018 >>
Keywords: The Idolmaster, hentai, anime, boobs, SF, superhero, detective
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Format: 12 episodes
Website category: Anime 2018
Review date: 8 June 2020
Episodes: 2 x 2 minutes
Keep watching: yes
One-line summary: dirty CGI music video
I like the song, which is BAAM from the South Korean girl group Momoland.
The first video has three naked catgirls. Technically two of them strip, but the string swimsuits they'd been wearing don't count as clothes. The second one has a girl in (initially) a daring blue dress.
No sex in either video, just nudity.
Beautiful Ranger Justy Pink
Beautiful Girls Ranger Justy Pink: Horrific Hell of Womb Hardcore
Episodes: 1 x 20 minutes
Keep watching: n/a
One-line summary: CGI superhero hardcore porn
Justy Pink is a sentai heroine, like Power Rangers. Pink and white outfit, helmet, etc. Fights baddies.
Here, she's up against a villain who blasts her with lightning from his paralyser gun. He hits her repeatedly with a stick that's bigger than him. He punches her pelvis over and over again. He uses chains, straps, etc., then gets sexual.
Eurgh. Just knowing that this hentai exists is creepy.
Beautiful Yamato
Episodes: 1 x 4 minutes
Keep watching: n/a
One-line summary: dirty CGI music video
That's Yamato, the ship-girl from KanColle. She dances a bit feebly and has sex with someone invisible.
It's still quite good, though. The song's Round 1 by South Korean idol group Dalmatian. It's quite fun, although electronic and repetitive. Meanwhile, the video's nice to look at because Yamato's outfit's rather striking (while she's still wearing it), while the background's attractive. It could easily be a national park. Yamato's on some kind of metal spoke wheel, next to a bridge over a river.
Under no circumstances watch the 2019 shemale MMD video of the same song. It's terrifying.
beyond and beyond
Episodes: 1 x 43 minutes
Keep watching: n/a
One-line summary: CGI SF hardcore porn
Blob-aliens infiltrate a spaceship and eat its crew in their cryo-capsules. We see a hand sticking out. Only one girl is spared, to be raped by tentacles, a walking oven-ready turkey with an eye on a stalk, SF sex toys, an insect and flying transparent jellyfish with visible brains. She enjoys it with the jellyfish.
She gives birth to alien spawn. The blob-aliens then fly away again.
Episodes: 1 x 3 minutes
Keep watching: n/a
One-line summary: dirty CGI music video
Oooh, I like this song. Wish I knew what it was called. It's brassy, bold and fun, with (I think) saxophones. (Months later: I've found it! It's "Excuse Me" by BESTie.)
Also, unusually, the naked man participates in the dancing. They're adorable together. (He's matching the girl's cute, wiggly dance moves, despite being a muscleman.)
Unfortunately, though, the music stops halfway through. It's replaced by mundane sex noises, which are far less fun. The girl sucks a disembodied penis that isn't the naked dancing man's. Different skin colour.
If you want to hear all of this highly keepable song, watch "Wedding girl and insect". (Caution: that's a weird one.)
Bishoujo Ultraheroine
Bishoujo Ultraheroine
Episodes: 4 x 18-21 minutes
Keep watching: don't
One-line summary: CGI SF hardcore porn and torture
Flying saucers steal a plane.
Alice is a superheroine with a skintight white jumpsuit with cool red lines on it. (Later developments suggest that she's naked and that that's actually paint.) She says that the aliens are cowards and tells them to fight fair and square.
The Nakku-seijin aliens look like men in rubber alien suits from 1950s SF. (Eps.3-4 have female ones with strap-ons.) He's wearing a white jumpsuit with big red blobs growing on it and a cool black-and-red helmet. He has lots of synthesiser reverberation on his voice. "This is our way of fighting! Why don't you hurry up and attack us, ha ha ha?"
Alice meets the aliens and they fight... i.e. they immediately zap her with electricity. This continues for nearly three minutes, which is a long time to watch someone being electrocuted. They then punch her in the stomach, over and over again. For a while, they hit her pelvis with a sledgehammer.
They use sex machines on her, then have actual sex.
Finally, at the end, I think they kill her. They shatter a crystal on her chest, anyway. Subsequent episodes display the crucified bodies of previously defeated heroines.
Bishoujo Tokusatsu Heroine Pitakosu
Bishoujo Tokusatsu Heroine Pitakosu Ryoujoku ni Aegu Bishoujo Idol
Tokusatsu Heroine - Beautiful Idol in Skintight Costume
Episodes: 1 x 21 minutes
Keep watching: n/a
One-line summary: CGI hardcore porn
I think she's wearing the same outfit as Bishoujo Ultraheroine. Red-and-white paint, basically.
Our heroine has always loved the idea of playing a costumed superheroine in a movie. Two of the crew rape her in the studio.
Bishounen Tantei Kidottara
Bishounen Tantei Kidottara Tsukamatte Otoko no ko ni Kaizou sare Nikudakimakura de Baibai sarechaimashitaa
A Handsome Detective Boy Made into a Living Dakimakura
Episodes: 1 x 33 minutes
Keep watching: n/a
One-line summary: CGI hardcore gay porn
Detective Rui breaks into the evil organisation's secret base, delivering a running commentary about how brilliant he is and how there was no way anyone could win against him. He cracks their security code and says "checkmate". He also brags of his IQ of 118. (I had to rewind to double-check, thinking he must have said 180.)
Green gas envelops him and he collapses.
When he wakes up, he's been strapped naked to an exercise frame in a glass case. His captor's going to do lots of hentai things to him. Rui immediately starts talking all high-and-mighty, ordering this lowly peasant scum to release him, hand over that mobile phone, etc. Guess what. Doesn't work.
Kanojo wa Gravure Idol
Boku no Kanojo wa Gravure Idol
My Girlfriend Is A Gravure Idol
Episodes: 1 x 15 minutes
Keep watching: n/a
One-line summary: cel-shaded CGI hardcore porn
A couple have sex. Afterwards, right at the end, she asks to be rewarded for her efforts while standing in a pink bikini. Not sure what that means.
That's the episode's only line of dialogue, not counting moans and noises.
Boku no Oshiego Bitch Gyaru
Boku to Nurse no Kenshuu Nisshi The Animation
Boku to Joi no Shinsatsu Nisshi The Animation
Episodes: 2
Minutes: 23 + 24
Keep watching: I watched both episodes independently because I didn't realise they were related until afterwards
One-line summary: romantic hardcore porn
Akagi Mio decided to be a nurse because her childhood friend Shirosawa Takuya wanted to be a doctor. Years later, they find that they're working in the same hospital. Unfortunately, Takuya becomes one of his own patients after getting injured saving Mio from falling down some stairs. (A child was being a brat.)
There's sex, of course. He can't get out of bed, so his "toilet" is a urinal bottle and Mio has to help him. Unfortunately, he has an erection. How can she make it calm down? That's just the initial pretext, though.
It's quite sweet. At the end, they agree to get married.
It's another route from the same visual novel. Same cast, different ending.
Takuya's just started working at Amagi University Hospital. He's still in training, with his superior being the mischievous Amagi Ryou. She'll do things like putting food in her cleavage for him to eat. Eventually, Takuya marries her. (He claims to be in love, but to be honest I wasn't entirely convinced. His relationship with Ryou doesn't look romantic.)
Mio's also in the episode, but in a minor role. Ryou likes groping her boobs.
Boku to Nurse no Kenshuu Nisshi
Boku no Oshiego ha Bitch Gyaru
Students of mine are slutty gals
Episodes: 1 x 23 minutes
Keep watching: n/a
One-line summary: Flash-animated hardcore porn
Calling it "animated" would be generous. There's a teacher whose voice is never heard, but appears in on-screen text. His two students invite themselves into his house, poke around his otaku collection and read his sketchbook of home-made porn. "Looking at these drawings, you clearly don't understand women's bodies."
They then have lots of sex with him, including cosplay.
Boys comfort
Boys' comfort
Episodes: 1 x 4 minutes
Keep watching: n/a
One-line summary: dirty CGI music video
It's a pornographic take on a mainstream anime, THE iDOLM@STER, which I'm fond of. Takane Shijou (silver hair with purple ribbon), Hibiki Ganaha (black hair with blue ribbon) and Miki Hoshii (blonde with green ribbon) sing and dance outdoors, in the middle of a ring of regrettably young schoolboys.
I wondered if Miki might be Kirari Moroboshi, but she's ginger rather than blonde. Identifying everyone isn't straightforward, but it helps to look at the posters in the background, not just the dancing CGI versions in the video. For instance, the big background poster of everyone is the cover of the PS3 game, The Idolmaster One For All.
Anyway, the girls are delivering fanservice. Stripping, lots of poses to assist with upskirt shots, etc. Given the boys' ages, this is skeevy and the video becomes a lot more wholesome when they're all just naked. That's all, though. No one has sex.