Yuu AsakawaJapanese
Heisa Byoutou
Also known as: Sex Ward
Medium: OVA, series
Year: 2001
Writer: Rokurota Makabe
Original creator: Shinbashi Makino
Actor: Minami Hokuto, Fuka, Yuu Asakawa
Keywords: anime, hentai, boobs
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Format: 2 half-hour episodes
Url: https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/encyclopedia/anime.php?id=4773
Website category: Anime early 00s
Review date: 17 April 2024
Heisa Byoutou
It's another nurse hentai and it it starts so badly that I nearly ditched it on the spot. There's a rape scene... no, it's a dream. Satsuki Aoyagi is a bit freaked out by that dream, but she doesn't have time to worry about that. This is the first day of her nursing career. Off she goes to Ishikawa General Hospital, only for her first patient to sexually harass her. He's got his dick out and he's saying it needs her attention.
Fortunately, all this is misleading. This hentai contains no rape. Instead, it's more like an adults-only soap opera, with a naive heroine (Satsuki), a hot young male doctor (Hedeyuki Ishikawa) and another new nurse (Naho Oota) who's Satsuki's rival in the race to woo him. (Naho's going for it harder than Satsuki.) Unfortunately, Ishikawa's a prude. This is a good thing when he's showing zero tolerance for sexual harassment, but he's got no patience for nurses trying to get into his pants. Mind you, he has a weak point. He's got no head for alcohol. Get him drunk and he'll become a sex monster, but he'll remember nothing the next day and treat you as coldly as ever.
Naho takes advantage of this, but Satsuki's innocent. She can't believe that nice Dr Ishikawa would sleep with a woman so casually. This gives rise to misunderstandings and spiky fallings-out.
Satsuki's also, though, finding hospital life complicated. While brooding about Naho and Ishikawa, she makes a slip that could have endangered a patient's life. Both the head nurse and the patient have a go at her. Satsuki's aghast. She'll do anything to atone! The patient takes her up on this and she doesn't go back on her word. This is hentai. I think you know what happens... and Ishikawa the prude sees them. Ouch. Later, Satsuki's caustic to a boy because she's in a foul mood about Ishikawa didn't listen to her explanation, but then later she goes back to apologise. He has something he wants to do before he dies. Satsuki's willing to help. The resulting sex scene is surprisingly warm and lovely... but Satsuki's an idiot and had been jumping to conclusions, so whoops.
There's the head nurse, Midori Nakamura. Her main hobby is fellating the hospital director and then getting scary when she thinks he's over-appreciative of the younger nurses. Nonetheless, when a distraught Satsuki goes to her and tells her everything, Midori's surprisingly relaxed about it. Don't worry. No problem. You've done nothing bad as a person. Midori then declares her love for Satsuki and kisses her. Yes, a lesbian sex scene is coming, but again it's far less formulaic and more character-driven than you'd expect. Midori starts crying about being rejected.
It's quite a good story. It's even capable of the ultimate surprise in hentai, i.e. avoiding sex scenes. That had seemed like a foregone conclusion. The entire story has clearly been building up to Satsuki and Dr Ishikawa becoming a couple, but after a while I realised that the story's end was approaching and that Dr Ishikawa might get left out in the cold.
There's also comedy. One of Ishikawa's colleagues is nicknamed Dr Anal Invasion by the nurses, because he loves giving enemas and watching poo. Where this goes with Naho is darkly funny, especially the on-screen text at the end saying DEVIL'S BRIDE. (Am I wrong, or did Dr Anal Invasion use hypnosis to make Naho accept his recommendations?)
It's a relationship drama. There are sex scenes for all three nurses, but it's all in service of a character-driven plot. Satsuki, Naho and Ishikawa get angry and judgemental, yell at each other and give each other the cold shoulder. Relationships get messy. Ishikawa agrees to a date with Naho because Satsuki had called him cold, which in itself came from a misunderstanding. The happy ending is ambiguous, but the show can also be heartwarming or blackly funny. It got a loose sequel, called Heisa Byouin, and I'll watch that too.