Naoyuki TomomatsuJapanese
Future Century Amazons
Medium: film
Year: 2017
Director: Naoyuki Tomomatsu
Keywords: boobs, rubbish
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Format: 76 minutes
Website category: J-sleaze
Review date: 26 June 2022
It's amazing garbage. And gross. And written by and for cavemen who think feminism is bad and that women are man-hating lesbians who'd castrate everyone if not kept under control. Here's the opening voice-over (which seems to think that rape is taken too seriously and probably shouldn't even be punished):
"The bovinisation of human beings started with the bovinisation of the male population. The entire society has become feminised and hysterical. Over-prioritisation of women's rights and strict punishment for sex crimes have crushed male sexuality and reduced the morale of the male population to nothing. When sexual behaviour is penalised in a society, it is only natural that fewer babies are born. Declining birth rates have become a problem. The advancement of technology has made female-cell reproduction possible. Men have become useless. However, due to the limitations of this reproduction method, it was not possible to make up for the fatalities during pregnancy. Artificial insemination of women could not counteract the declining birth rates. Society became a zero-tolerance feminised society, focused on only one ideology. Namely that they do not accept any other opinions than their own."
Obviously, all this feminism led to war, nuclear bombs, pandemics and the fall of civilisation. "Human beings, after almost becoming extinct as a species, find themselves on the threshold of total extinction, in the middle of the countdown to the end."
There are two main female factions. One is an army of military feminist Nazis who castrate and eat men. They have guns, scientists and technology. The other is an army of Wonder Woman wannabes (albeit in a different colour scheme), who call themselves the Love Liberation Army. They have bows, arrows and swords. If they capture a man, they'll all rape him.
The film also, though, has a heroine, Maki Amemiya! She's a married doctor who's an expert on artificial insemination, but she'll be understandably upset by everyone's treatment of her husband. She's also being portrayed as vapid and passive, despite double-crossing everyone and doing something shocking in the film's twist ending. She's played by Kyouko Maki, you see, who's a poor actress and has in addition been miscast. The real Maki is not meek or passive. At all. Even remotely. She'd probably be great as an unstoppable Amazon Empress, but she's only in her actual role because she's the film's most famous hardcore porn star.
Are there lesbian sex scenes? Do you need to ask? There are castration scenes (ew) and a double-headed dildo that's supposedly made from severed penises and has an incoherent voice and teeth. It can kill a victim like a chestburster. You'd think this would make it unpopular as a dildo.
No, no, no, absolutely not. It's gross, in multiple ways. It's cheap-looking and sometimes resembles a home video. It has CGI blood and CGI flames. It also has a sister film, Future Warrior Amazones, that I won't be watching.