Don't Meddle With My Daughter
Also known as: Uchi no Musume ni Te o Dasu na!
Medium: comic
Year: 2014
Writer/artist: Nozomu Tamaki
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Keywords: manga, boobs, superhero
Format: 3 volumes, 17 chapters (but there are two more out there somewhere)
Website category: Manga
Review date: 23 April 2021
It's a borderline hentai superhero manga. Its writer/artist, Nozomu Tamaki, has had mainstream success with Dance in the Vampire Bund (which is good, but has lots of apparently-twelve-year-old vampire nudity). This, on the other hand, was a series in Young Comic magazine, which is full of nudity and gratuitous fanservice. It's very very very Not Safe For Work. It's got huge-boobed superheroines, sub-minimal costumes, a plant that turns women into sex villains, our heroine shagging a sex blob monster, masturbation, fellatio, sex that you later discover is incestuous, etc.
I did say "borderline hentai", though. It's sleazy, but it's not hardcore porn. For that, you'll have to read Nozomu Tamaki's self-published doujinshi epilogues, which I believe are full hentai. (I haven't read those.)
It's also a good superhero story. I really liked it. Eighth Wonder is the greatest.
Athena's costumed name is Eighth Wonder, but she hasn't done anything superheroic in almost twenty years. She's a single mum. Her husband's dead and her daughter, Clara, is a complete teenager. As it happens, Clara is a massive Eighth Wonder fan, but she doesn't know that was her mother because Athena would die of embarrassment if she had to tell her daughter everything she did. (This is a hentai superhero universe. Fill in the blanks.)
There's a S.H.I.E.L.D.-like organisation, led by a tough ex-villain with an eyepatch. (It's called N.U.D.E. and its Nick Fury analogue is of course female and underdressed. She resembles Black Widow.) Their enemies are BLOWJOB, about which our heroes say things like "this new blow job is much stronger than before!" Blowjob's titanically endowed leader, Zenovia, wears a horned helmet, a cloak and nothing else.
The first few chapters are light-hearted fun, but then ch.4 raises the stakes. It's deconstructive, funny and oddly charming in the scene where a supervillain starts criticising Clara's hero speech, but by the end we'll have seen Blowjob silence one of their own by shooting him through the chest. What makes this shocking is that he'd been captured by the heroes and was talking to them in custody at the time. This series has a surprisingly complicated plot... but, what's more, pretty much every single character relationship is emotionally charged. There are mothers, daughters, fathers, lovers, sisters, ex-mortal enemies and more. (Sometimes with category overlap.) Athena would do anything to protect Clara. Anything. This is awe-inspiring when you're basically Wonder Woman and capable of hitting people with planes.
Oh, and Clara's inherited Athena's powers. She's also fighting crime as Eighth Wonder. She's unstoppable by almost any force on Earth, but nothing measures up to mum.
The last volume goes apeshit with revelations, plot twists, horrifying villain backstory and intense emotions. I loved it. I had a massive grin all the way through. It is, though, playing a bit fast and loose. The time travel I can accept, but arriving on the day of SPOILER's execution was too much of a coincidence for me and it was pretty obvious that certain events were going to be unhappened. Also, the ending's a bit of a triumphant mess. It ends on the right emotional note, but it's obviously missing some bits (e.g. a final capstone and a certain person's backstory). Maybe Tamaki was holding material back for those hentai epilogues? Oh, and at one point near the end, I was thinking, "You just wanted to draw lots of superhero fight scenes, didn't you?"
That said, though, it's still great. Athena is the greatest, but Clara's pretty awesome too. I love her logic for winning over muscle-brain. (It works! Fantastic.) I love the mother vs. mother. Everything's emotionally charged, in a way that's more common in anime and manga than in American superhero comics. That said, though, the art's also really good. Tamaki clearly loves drawing superheroes and is very good at it.
The sexual content is... well, it's not subtle. Eighth Wonder's outfit doesn't cover her bottom, for instance. In an odd way, though, I think it's a strength of the series. Sex is integral to the plot, while Athena's all the more impressive for what she's prepared to endure for Clara.
I glanced through this series a few years ago and dismissed it as trash. This time, though, I loved it. It's genuine heroism. I love Eighth Wonder's ordinary female fans, for instance (from children to grannies) and their "I'm Spartacus" moment. I love the heightened emotion. I love how much the characters care. I'm sure no one in the world will believe me, but I thought this was great.