Dan Dare
Dan Dare: Trip to Trouble
Medium: comic
Year: 1959
Keywords: Dan Dare, SF, rubbish
Writer: Eric Eden
Artist: Frank Bellamy, Don Harley, Gerry Palmer, Keith Watson
Country: UK
Format: 16 two-page episodes, The Eagle Vol.10 No.41 to Vol.11 No.11
Website category: Comics UK
Review date: 21 June 2021
dan dare
It's nothing. It's empty. You'll be flicking through the pages without really reading them.
For what it's worth, Odhams really did think Dan Dare had gone stale. They wanted more action, shorter stories and an end to multi-year story arcs like... um, the one that we'd just embarked upon. Hampson had planned Terra Nova to be just the start of a trek across multiple planets to find Dan Dare's lost father.
Here, we learn in a throwaway scene that dad's dead. Almost no attention is paid to this.
After that, Dan gets involved in a local war, teaming up with the first side he meets. I was a little worried about how scant the evidence was to support his decision... but never mind! Action scenes! Dinghy! Lex looking like Dr Octopus! A baddie who defeats himself at the end by knocking himself over a cliff! "EEEEEAH!"
The art's settled down, mind you. It feels more unified, or at least less mentally ill. Frank Bellamy and his assistants are working together better and it often looks extremely good. There are some exciting pages. It's just a shame about the content.