Dan Dare
Dan Dare: The Planulid
Medium: comic
Year: 1962
Keywords: Dan Dare, SF, rubbish
Country: UK
Format: 8 pages, Dare Dare Annual 1963
Website category: Comics UK
Review date: 4 August 2021
dan dare
I laughed and laughed. That's not because it's good, though.
It starts off the Great Barrier Reef with mega-Australian dialogue, durn strewth. This is so exaggerated that I hardly noticed the alien invasion. "Hang on, cobber! There'll be a rare shivoo when the backlash hits us!"
Dan gets involved. His white stuff is spurting everywhere and threatening to overwhelm the world. Bombs and toxic sprays don't hurt it. "If we lose this battle, we have lost the Earth!"
...and then it disappears for six months. On its eventual return, it's become a mountain coming up your channel. The army suggests a low yield fusion bomb, which gets a glorious response. "What! In the middle of Sussex?"
Then, on the final page, the monster realises that it's allergic to oxygen and dies.
Dan has a friend called Lex, but unfortunately his surname isn't Luthor. I don't know who perpetrated this script, but I want to buy them a drink (to go with everything they must have been consuming to write this). It's the kind of awesome that makes you buttonhole all your friends with, "You'll never believe this ridiculous thing I just read." A monster spends eight pages invading a planet that's lethal to it. Dan does nothing. Priceless.