Dan Dare
Dan Dare: Project Nimbus
Medium: comic
Year: 1960
Keywords: Dan Dare, SF, rubbish
Writer: Eric Eden
Artist: Frank Bellamy, Don Harley, Gerry Palmer
Country: UK
Format: 17 two-page episodes, The Eagle Vol.11 No.12-28
Website category: Comics UK
Review date: 23 June 2021
dan dare
There's just nothing in the pages. Nothing to detain you. It would take a long time to read a Hampson story, because each page contained so much. These pages, in contrast, struggle to hold you for more than a few seconds each. The dialogue's on-the-nose, with no subtext and no snap. The plot's empty.
PLOT SUMMARY: aliens! bad aliens! Hampson's Dare would have tried to communicate, but the semi-rebooted Odhams one casually exterminates them.
...and that's it. 34 pages and that's yer lot. Eric Eden isn't a writer. (Frighteningly, the next Dan Dare writer after him would be David Motton and I've heard that he's even worse.)
I like the art, though. This was Bellamy's farewell. He didn't really like SF and he'd only agreed to draw Dan Dare for a year. Nonetheless, there's drama in how Bellamy frames and lights his scenes, which frankly we didn't get under Hampson. There's also some nice design, especially the robots.
The only upside is that there's no Flamer. He's gone, at last.
Bellamy's also redesigned the strip, with new costumes, uniforms and spacecraft. This was on the editor's orders. Old-school Dan Dare fans hated it, but frankly they should have been more upset about the story being rubbish.