DCeased: Hope at World's End
Medium: comic
Year: 2020
Writer: Tom Taylor
Artist: Marco Failla, Renato Guedes, Carmine di Giandomenico, Karl Mostert, Daniele di Nicuolo, Dustin Nguyen, Trevor Scott, Jon Sommariva
Keywords: superhero, zombies
Format: 15-issue Digital First anthology series
Website category: Comics
Review date: 1 January 2022
It's a bunch of side-stories, most of them set during DCeased issue 5. It's quite nice, but it's not even remotely standalone. If you want to know what happens, buy the parent series.
The mix of artists is fantastic. Dustin Nguyen, Marco Failla, Carmine Di Giandomenico... bold lines, lots of personality, lots of fun. Yes, fun. Despite the zombie apocalypse.
Sometimes the stories build on each other, but sometimes they just do their own thing. Anyone could be killed by zombies at any time, obviously, but it's still charming. Some of these little one-offs might be the best DCeased chapters. I loved the super-pets episode. Detective Chimp, Ace the Bat-Hound, Krypto and a random horse. To my surprise, I also loved the next-generation Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. Damian Wayne's relationship with Talia al Ghul is particularly funny.
"Did that man seriously just try to show you his phone? Move. I'm going to behead him."
"Mom, please. We're supposed to be setting an example."
People live and die heroically and do heart-warming things. Unless they're dicks. Some of these people will die gruesomely and then help kill the world, yes, but that hasn't happened yet. DCeased is, for instance, one of my favourite Superman stories. He's wonderful in it. Next up: DCeased: Dead Planet.