Crossed volume 3: Psychopath
Medium: comic
Year: 2011
Writer: David Lapham
Artist: Raulo Caceres
Keywords: Crossed
Format: Crossed: Psychopath #1-7
Website category: Comics
Review date: 16 August 2023
It's grotesque and unhinged even by Crossed standards. Most Crossed volumes you wouldn't read in public, but this one you'd almost worry about getting arrested if you opened it on the train.
Oh, and the title "Psychopath"... it's not wrong, but it's an understatement. Psychopaths rarely go this far. This is a man who got at least one of his ideas when the Crossed did it first.
The art's a little unusual. It looks more like 1970s underground comix than ordinary comics, which fits the subject matter. It's a bit weird and crude, but I like it. (Raulo Caceres would draw for Crossed again.)
Anyway, the story. A group of four survivors make the mistake of picking up a man with a broken leg called Harold Lorre. (No, he doesn't resemble Peter Lorre.) He's unimpressive physically. He probably couldn't beat you or me in a fair fight, although fair fights are something he's definitely not interested in. He's like a cuckoo, infiltrating other birds' nests and manipulating the rightful owners while masking his true intentions. Yes, he has a plan.
In short: yikes. It's disgusting because Harold Lorre doesn't have the excuse of infection, although you couldn't call him sane. He's choosing to do these things. If you've read other Crossed volumes and found the series's reputation overblown, this is likeliest to be the one that's too much for you.