Garth EnnisAntichrist
Chronicles of Wormwood: The Last Battle
Medium: comic
Year: 2009
Writer: Garth Ennis
Artist: Oscar Jimenez
Keywords: Antichrist
Format: 6-issue mini-series
Website category: Comics
Review date: 18 February 2022
It's the finale. The story could still continue after this, sure, but it feels like the right ending. Also, Ennis has run out of Bible and has now moved on to original territory, playing with the characters from previous books. I liked it a lot.
I like what the story's saying. Danny and Jay have been keeping their identities secret all this time. The world doesn't know the truth... and nor does Danny's girlfriend. The talking rabbit calls him a hypocrite for this. You'll read this book and think, "I'd be keeping quiet about that too," but it's undeniable that keeping secrets like that would be a nuclear-level mistake at the "boyfriend-girlfriend" level of this story. (Which is still a big deal in the series and is being taken to the next level. Danny has wanky bloke angst about that.)
Also, more alarmingly, it's possible that his lack of honesty might be creating an opportunity for a certain old friend in Hell.
The series still has one eye on the creative media world. Should one try to make great art for the pricks? It's still bristling with opinions on organised religion. "I could see that everyone had fatally missed the point," says Jesus.
Incidentally, Wormwood's correct reading order is publication order. This book calls itself Volume 2, but it's a sequel to The Last Enemy.
I like this series. It's not Ennis's very best, but it would fit comfortably alongside Preacher (including thematically) and it has a lot to appreciate. I also find Jimenez to be the best fit of the three Wormwood artists. And, ultimately, again, saving the world is all down to the talking rabbit. Heh.