Carrie (1972)
Medium: comic
Year: 1972
Country: UK
Keywords: boobs
Artist: Don Lawrence, Mario Capaldi, Steve Kingston
Format: 17 years of monthly two-page stories
Website category: Comics UK
Review date: 1 November 2021
There's absolutely no point in reading it, but it fits its context.
No, I'm not talking about the 1974 Stephen King novel. It's another men's magazine comic strip. Playboy had Little Annie Fanny, Penthouse had Oh, Wicked Wanda!, Fiesta had Firkin, etc. Mayfair had Carrie. What makes it different is that:
(a) it's dialogue-free. No captions or word balloons. It's the comics equivalent of a silent film.
(b) each episode is self-contained. No story arcs or continuity. There's nothing wrong with that, theoretically, but this isn't a humour strip (although it can aim to amuse). Calling its two-page instalments "stories" would be generous. They're short scenes in which a girl's clothes come off.
...and that's it. If you're reading for story value, go elsewhere. If you just wanted to masturbate, though... well, that's the magazine's purpose. This is Mayfair. It's no different from the photo-sets of naked girls. It's softcore porn. It looks pretty and the art's good. Job done, as far as the magazine's editors were concerned. I'd also argue that it's more readable than, say, Oh, Wicked Wanda!, which does indeed have a plot but soon gets dull. Carrie, on the other hand, is just lots of light throwaways. You read it. It's inoffensive (except to feminists). You'll forget it, but you won't hate it either.
Carrie's original artist in 1972 was Don Lawrence, who's quite a big name. Mario Capaldi succeeded him in 1976, then Steve Kingston in 1977. Brian Forbes did a five-month temporary replacement in 1981 about Connie, aka. "Carrie's curvey cousin".
Are these good stories? Absolutely not, but they did their assigned job well and Mayfair retained the strip for almost two decades. The art's attractive. Sometimes there are dream sequences. There are probably lots of British men of a certain age who'd remember Carrie, if prompted, but there's nothing there worth revisiting and you'd be astonished if anyone released a collection of these strips.