Junko MinagawaRina HidakaTakuya EguchiYui Ogura
Also known as: Campione! Matsurowanu Kamigami to Kamigoroshi no Maou
Medium: TV, series
Year: 2012
Director: Keizo Kusakawa
Writer: Jukki Hanada
Actor: Eri Kitamura, Junko Minagawa, Kana Hanazawa, Nobutoshi Canna, Rina Hidaka, Sachika Misawa, Shinobu Matsumoto, Takuya Eguchi, Unsho Ishizuka, Yoko Hikasa, Yoshitsugu Matsuoka, Yui Ogura, Yuka Saito
Keywords: anime, harem, rubbish
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Format: 13 episodes
Url: https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/encyclopedia/anime.php?id=13841
Website category: Anime early 10s
Review date: 9 May 2024
Had a time-traveller shown me this series 25 years ago, I'd have enjoyed it, but my tolerance for this kind of thing seems to have fallen off a cliff. Some of the show's early episodes are okay, but ultimately it's wank.
It's two tiresome otaku fantasies in one.
1. Godou Kusanagi is an ordinary 16-year-old boy who accidentally ends up slaying a Heretic God and earning the title of Campione (Italian for "champion"), or Godslayer. Now, he has the powers of the god he killed! Unable to turn a blind eye to those in need, he uses his new powers to fight gods and other campione!
2. Five or six hot girls will become romantically obsessed with him! Because this is implausible wish-fulfilment, though, he'll behave like a Victorian maiden who's seen a mouse and will never do anything "dishonourable" or "disrespectful". A naked buxom blonde in his bed, repeatedly offering herself to him? He reacts as if she'd been selling cocaine cut with arsenic. When Erica tries to get cuddly with him in a boat, he jumps in the sea and escapes by swimming. Occasionally, this makes him very likeable. Ultimately, though, it's "piss off and die" false modesty that's insulting the girls themselves (as well as being stupid).
Even the show's magic serves the harem fantasy. Magic doesn't work on a campione unless inserted into the body. What does that mean? Answer: girls must kiss him. (Or a man could take him up the arse, but the show never acknowledges that possibility.) This is against Godou's will, but he has no choice if he wants to win this fight!
The cast are a mixed bag. Godou I didn't believe in. Erica Blandelli and Lucrezia Zola suggest that someone thinks Italians' brains are in their groins. (This show's full of Italy, from the title, setting and characters to the heavy use of Greek and Roman mythology.) Erica tells Godou to have a harem and says she won't get jealous if it's not too big. Even Godou's little sister is annoying, being either a one-dimensional caricature or a tsundere with a well-hidden brother complex. That said, though, the modest girls can be funny. Yuri Mariya is a serious-minded miko (a sort of trainee priestess) and she's always telling Godou his mistakes and why he's not taking something seriously. Meanwhile, Liliana Kranjcar is a grim stoic knight who's mortified by the erotic novels she can't stop secretly writing.
The early episodes can be amusing, although the Stupid Harem Flag appears as early as ep.2. Ultimately, though, it's a combination of harem nonsense and FIGHTS!!!!! The latter are also bollocks. Godou's opponents are mythical heroes or gods who only appeared because they fancied a punch-up. So it's pointless. As soon as he defeats one, another will appear for another arbitrary battle. Furthermore, Godou's superpower depends on knowing everything about his opponent's mythological background, so his big triumphant battles have a running commentary that sounds as if someone's reading wikipedia.
I like the fact that Erica's fighting abilities are as important as Godou's. Shows like this often reduce the female supporting cast to cheerleaders. That's the nearest I'll get to praise, though. By the time we hit the last few episodes, I'd lost patience. The show's not without charm and humour, but it's a sandwich of two kinds of bullshit.