Bible Black
Medium: OVA, series
Year: 2001
Director: Hamuo, Kazuyuki Honda, Sho Hanebu, Yasuyuki Muto
Actor: Akemi Kimura, Akemi Minashi, Akemi Momozawa, Genji Shigaki, Haruna Kanbayashi, Hitomi Sae, Kanan Yuzuki, Kaori Nishijima, Kaoru Sanada, Kimika Sasa, Maho Nishiga, Michiru Jyozaki, Michiru Shirozaki, Midori Sakioka, Nagisa Futami, Noriko Kida, Osamu Tokita, Reira, Rika Koyama, Saeko Kitamura, Satoshi Takemura, Takuya Hiramatu, Yasuteru Momozawa, Yoko Iwatani, Yoshio Kida
Keywords: anime, hentai, boobs, horror
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Format: 18 episodes across multiple series
Url: https://myanimelist.net/anime/368/Bible_Black
Website category: Anime early 00s
Review date: 12 April 2024
Bible Black
This one's notorious. It's about devil worshippers. Imagine Dennis Wheatley filtered through hardcore Japanese hentai, but more unpleasant because of its sexual content and its more extreme horror.
All the trappings are here. Pentacles, demons, blood sacrifices, naked women, etc. It even name-drops Aleister Crowley (who Dennis Wheatley met for research purposes, incidentally). Its Satanists are mostly women, though, doing and/or organising rituals with gang bangs, rapes, ball gags, hermaphrodites, forced enemas that bloat the belly to a degree that looks life-threatening... or, of course, straightforward decapitation or sticking a sword through a woman on an altar. (That's not innuendo. It's an actual sword.) All this is revolting. These episodes occasionally contain nice people having nice sex, but you can never be sure that someone's not secretly a Satanist, about to garotte their victim or stab him in the gut.
Here's the anime list:
Bible Black (2001) = 6 episodes
Bible Black Origins (2002) = 2 episodes, prequel
Bible Black: New Testament (2004) = 6 episodes, aka. Shin Bible Black, set ten years later and starring the survivors
Bible Black Only (2005) = 2 episodes
Bible Black: Imari Ryoujoku Genba (2005) = 1 short episode (10 minutes)
Bible Black: New Testament Recap (2008) = 1 episode, which I haven't watched since it says it's just a recap
The original series is pretty damn dark and has a strong horror twist. Sometimes, it resembles a Satanist Reservoir Dogs. The hero (Minase) uses his Black Bible to brainwash his classmates into having sex with him... and, yes, he's the hero. (He later shows vestigial signs of a conscience and tries to back out.)
You'll see an unusual idea of modesty. "Shag me! Think of it as helping me out, because I don't want you to see me masturbate."
Plus, of course, there's lots of rape. And worse. The show's full of explicit sex, of which the majority is terrifying.
That original series is strong, but the franchise's best instalment is the Origins prequel. We follow the main series villain in the days when she was an innocent schoolgirl who meant no-one any harm. We know she's heading for the blackest ending imaginable. We've already seen the bloodbath... and that's not even half of it. This two-parter is one of the stronger horror stories I've ever seen. It's horrifying, but tragic. Girls decide to make a classmate dance naked in public, for no reason except for a laugh, which ends up as a masturbation demonstration in front of an entire school assembly. It also seems that if you kidnap a schoolgirl for your Satanic ritual, you can have her gang-raped in the arse while making her give simultaneous hand jobs... and she'll still count as a virgin for the sacrifice afterwards. This seems questionable.
New Testament isn't as strong as its predecessors, but it's definitely not messing around either. Every single instalment of this franchise is full of such extreme content that it could easily have seemed camp or silly had they got the tone wrong. (Very occasionally it's comedic, though, e.g. the gag sound effect in ep.1 when a woman grows a penis from her vagina.)
Is this series good? Yes, sometimes, if you have an iron stomach. Origins is a gut-punch and the original series earned its infamy. It's also, though, probably unwatchable for 99% of the human race.