vampiresYuriko YamaguchiMasami ToyoshimaYoshiko Ohta
Beast City
Also known as: Inma Daitoshi: Beast City
Medium: OVA, series
Year: 1996
Director: Shinichi Watanabe
Writer: Naomi Hayakawa, Yuri Kanai
Actor: Masami Toyoshima, Yoshiko Ohta, Yuriko Yamaguchi
Keywords: anime, hentai, boobs, fantasy, vampires
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Format: Three 41-minute episodes
Website category: Anime 1990s
Review date: 2 April 2024
Inma Daitoshi Beast City
It's a weird tonal mis-mash. Its director is Shinichi Watanabe, who also did the famously out-there (but non-hentai) Excel Saga and Puni Puni Poemy. If you're wondering, his trademark Nabeshin cameo is at the start of ep.2.
I wouldn't call this series good, but it's definitely an experience. It includes:
(a) a dystopian near-future Japan where sex demons ("Beasts") assault their victims in the street and turn ordinary people into other Beasts like them. These have prehensile mouth-penises that themselves have their own little mouths (like H.R. Giger's Aliens), while their crotches sprout tongue-like tentacles. Their leader, Lord Karma, has an orgy cathedral and a throne made of moaning naked women. Sounds grim and rapey, right? However, we also have...
(b) three Beast-hunting vampires (aka. "Draculons") who'll swoop in to save the day and stop the Beasts! Mina's the only one of the three who knows what she's doing, so she does all the work. Aine and Anne are clowns whose purpose is idiot comedy and nudity. It's hard to exaggerate how quickly that duo can shatter the mood of any scene, up to and including lesbian molestation of Mina. Also, these vampires need to drink blood and so will turn into bats, fly into the night and have group sex with a sleeping boy. Obviously, blood should be drunk from penises. "Living blood is so good. And some of this white stuff makes it real sweet."
(c) it's a high school comedy with Tatsuo and Megumi. (The vampire girls become transfer students.) Tatsuo will throw himself shamelessly at anything in a skirt, while his childhood friend Megumi is so determined to protect her self-declared status as his girlfriend that she's willing to masturbate in the street. (WARNING: this might not be a foolproof way to attract your dream boy.)
Ep.1 is totally nuts and quite funny. The show then gets more serious, with ep.3 having the tragic death of major characters and the government planning to kill everyone with a nuclear bomb. The ridiculousness of Tatsuo and Megumi gets explained. (Why should any girl fixate on a boy who's chasing every girl in the world except her? Answer: they're not human and there's a genetic reason that might end the world.) Megumi's story is strange, sad and surprising.
Overall, it's bonkers. Its first and last episodes feel like unrelated shows. One's like a comedy parody of Wicked City with actual hentai content, while the other feels like a cut-price Urotsukidoji: Legend of the Overfiend and contains tragedy. That third episode never got an official release in America, unlike the first two and their subtitles that hilariously try to pretend that this high school is a university. (Presumably for age-related reasons?)
I quite liked it. I approve of bonkers things. The series can be horrifying when it wants, e.g. what Kannazuki does to that teacher in ep.2. It's charging ludicrously into all kinds of situations and indeed genres. It's unpredictable. It's by turns childishly over the top, sad and sexually explicit in grotesque, unsexy ways. It's also a laugh.