Anime 1st episodes 2021: U
Including: Uchi no Otouto Maji de Dekain Dakedo Mi ni Konai, Uma Musume Pretty Derby, (MV) UMISEA - Ocean wave Party Live (Now on Streaming Services!), Urvan, Usamimi Bouken-tan: Sexual Harassment Shinagara Sekai wo Sukue
Medium: TV, series
Year: 2021
Series: << Anime 1st episodes 2021 >>
Keywords: anime, hentai, boobs, SF, fantasy
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Format: 5 first episodes
Website category: Anime 2021
Review date: 10 November 2023
Listed under "L": Life Lessons with Uramichi-Oniisan, aka. Uramichi Oniisan (13 episodes, 23 minutes) In the studio of the morning childrens' show "Together with Mama," a crew of miserable adults prepares their facades of amicable smiles and cheerful exteriors to educate a group of innocent preschoolers. In the middle of it stands Uramichi Omota, a former gymnast who can't help but bring the kids down to earth by revealing the harsh and depressing reality of adulthood, even in front of the rolling cameras.
Listed under "O": Otherside Picnic, aka. Urasekai Picnic (12 episodes, 23 minutes) The "Otherworld" is a vast and dangerous realm hidden from the knowledge of the common folk. It is also home to many creatures that threaten any human who dare visit it. To witness its desolate yet oddly absorbing environment, one must search for portals that could reside anywhere, from secret elevators to shrine entrances.
Listed under "S": Space Academy, aka. Uchuu Nanchara Kotetsu-kun. It follows the daily life of Kotetsu-kun, who aspires to be an astronaut, and friends at the Animal Space Academy as they all pursue their dreams.
Couldn't find it: Utau Soccer Panda Mifanda (12 episodes, 7 minutes) Short anime based on Mifanda from MIFA (Music Interact Football for All).
It's a movie: Uchuu Senkan Yamato 2205: Aratanaru Tabidachi - Zenshou - Take Off (98 minutes)
It's a compilation movie: "Uchuu Senkan Yamato" to Iu Jidai: Seireki 2202-nen no Sentaku
Uchi no Otouto Maji de Dekaindakedo Mi ni Konai
Uchi no Otouto Maji de Dekain Dakedo Mi ni Konai
Episodes: 2 x 16 minutes
One-line summary: animated porn
A boy has such a huge penis that he finds it hard to masturbate. His big sister sneaks into the bathroom and takes a photo of him with the fleshlight he's just broken by being too well-endowed, then sends the image to all her friends and invites them to come around and see for themselves. Suddenly, our hapless hero is the subject of a Little Brother Cock Appreciation Party.
His sister gives him a hand job, then her friends join in.
Uma Musume
Uma Musume Pretty Derby
Season 2
Episodes: 13 x 24 minutes plus a bonus ONA
Keep watching: no
One-line summary: horse girls
"This anime is a work of fiction that attempts to depict the stories behind real world racehorses." This is true. It does. Apparently you can tell the gender of the original horse by whether this anime's horse-girl wears a ribbon/hat/other towards her right ear (stallion) or left ear (male).
That said, though, the episode basically just feels like More Anime Girls, but with a loving recreation of horse racing that feels exactly right except that the horses are schoolgirls. Running very, very fast. That was weird. The horse girls have an open day at school, so they show around some younger girls. A girl tells another girl that she's going to be strong and cool like her one day, then a few years later she is! There's running. There's a rubbish token male (the trainer) who I presume is the faceless protagonist character from the original mobile phone game.
Then, at the end, these horse-girls give an idol concert. (Incidentally, there are also live-action Uma Musume idol concerts. The idols wear horse ears.)
This isn't for me. It's a sports anime, combined with idols, combined with Empty Fluff With Anime Girls. Apparently it's better and meatier than Season 1, though.
(MV) UMISEA - Ocean wave Party Live (Now on Streaming Services!)
Episodes: 4 x 4 minutes
One-line summary: The global ocean-themed VTuber unit is forming a band?!
It's less painful than I'd expected, actually. Girls wear swimsuits and play a song. That's it, really. Whoever edited this gets amazing mileage out of only a single drawing of each girl. Spin it, zoom in and out... anything except actual animation.
The video uses characters from Holo no Graffiti and Hololive Alternative, which are crimes against civilisation.
ur van
One-off episode
Six minutes
One-line summary: weird SF thing
That was bizarre. Also dialogue-free, although there's a vocal element to the incidental music. A girl appears in a purple glowing light ball. There are a number of these, like flying Christmas tree decorations. She then runs through a town and makes purple magic disappear wherever she goes.
I've no idea what it is, but it's an experience. It would have been soothing had its music been gentler.
Usamimi Bouken tan
Usamimi Bouken-tan: Sexual Harassment Shinagara Sekai wo Sukue
Episodes: 4 x 16 minutes
One-line summary: fantasy hentai
It's amusing. I enjoyed it. It's not strong enough to make me watch the rest of the series or suggest that anyone else go looking for it, mind you, with a plot that's just: (a) "meet random weirdos and solve their riddles", interspersed with (b) "nocturnal hentai scenes with Bunny-Ears Girl". Nonetheless, it had enough of a sense of fun and eccentricity to be a laugh.
The episode starts with an ordinary bloke walking down the street... and suddenly being teleported to another world! Orcs are threatening a Bunny-Ears Girl! Can our useless-looking isekai hero rescue her, despite having no combat skills whatsoever? Surprisingly, the answer is "yes". Challenges in this fantasy world are conducted with riddles. "Which animal doesn't belong in the Chinese zodiac? 1. fox, 2. boar, 3. dog, 4. horse."
The male protagonist is a joke in himself. He "talks" in question marks in word balloons, or in nods. Bunny-Ears Girl gains the kind of mind-reading conversation skills I last saw when watching Lassie. "You're going to masturbate so I should show you my knickers?"
There's a bargain-basement anime version of Bananaman. There's a dodgy ghost. Bunny-Ears Girl gets enthusiastic enough about her nocturnal responsibilities to start getting pouty-faced on meeting other girls. It's silly, of course, but there's nothing particularly problematic about this first episode and you could do much worse.