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Year: 2019
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Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Format: 16 first episodes
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Review date: 12 August 2022
Listed under "A": Amazing Stranger, aka. Chou Kadou Girl 1/6
Listed under "H": Cinderella Nine, aka. Hachigatsu no Cinderella Nine
Listed under "H": High School Prodigies Have It Easy Even In Another World, aka. Choyoyu, aka. Choujin Koukousei-tachi wa Isekai demo Yoyuu de Ikinuku you desu!
Listed under "I": THE iDOLM@STER: Cinderella Girls Theater, aka. Cinderella Girls Gekijou: Kayou Cinderella Theater CLIMAX SEASON (7 episodes)
Listed under "O": Outburst Dreamer Boys, aka. Chuubyou Gekihatsu Boy
Listed under "R": Rifle is Beautiful, aka. Chidori RSC
It's just a recap episode: Carole & Tuesday: Gus to Roddy no Kaisouroku
It's a Korean children's show: Capsule Boy 2: Ujuleul Jikyeola
It's a Korean children's show: Chuldong! Super Wings 3
It's Chinese: Chuanyue Huoxian: Youling Jihua
Flash-animated one-minute episodes: Car & Tue (and I didn't even watch the parent show)
Couldn't find it: Chuizhi Shijie (Haoliners Animation League)
I've already seen plenty of this: Crayon Shin-chan
It's a (22-minute) film: Captain Bal
It's a film: Cencoroll Connect (the sequel to Cencoroll and there's going to be a third film in the series)
It's a film: City Hunter: Shinjuku Private Eyes
It's a film: Crayon Shin-chan Movie 27: Shinkon Ryokou Hurricane - Ushinawareta Hiroshi
It's part of a film series: Code Geass: Fukkatsu no Lelouch (sequel to Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch III - Oudou)
Three OVA episodes for a 2013 TV series: Choujigen Game Neptune The Animation: Nepu no Natsuyasumi
It's an OVA: Chuck Shimezou
It's a two-minute OVA: Color Cycling
It's three one-minute episodes: Chikin Ramen x Gudetama (collaboration campaign between two mascot characters, with cross over goods being sold)
It's a series of one-minute shorts for a game: Chokotto Anime Kemono Friends 3
It's two bonus "picture drama" episodes on the Blu-ray: Code Geass: Fukkatsu no Lelouch Picture Drama - Shinkai no Kakera
It's a 6-minute short: Chikai
It's a 31-second advert: Curry Meshi x Zombieland Saga
Cannon Busters
Season 1
Episodes: 12 x 24 minutes
Keep watching: no
One-line summary: modern Wild West
It's an American self-published comic book that only lasted two or three issues, but got a Kickstarter to become an anime and eventually got picked up by Netflix. The animation company is Japanese, but everything else about it is American.
Anyway, it's got robot girls, Wild West imagery, mecha and lots of casual killing (e.g. Russian roulette) that's oddly lacking in weight. One of the robots is an airhead who asks for help from someone who's just been shot through the chest. There's an immortal guy called Philly the Kid. It's all very loud, colourful and violent... and I didn't care. I'm not convinced that the episode's really about anything or saying anything beyond "isn't this cool?" I'm not interested in any of the characters. Philly the Kid didn't really have much depth I could see beyond reacting to stuff (e.g. his own death). I'd normally love that good-natured airhead robot, but she's so shallow and dim that she barely seems sentient.
It's very Netflix, for what it's worth. Looks great, with lots of violence and cool stuff, but doesn't really do much for me. It's a lot better than some of them, though. I could imagine watching the show. It's not a disaster or anything.
Cpt Tsubasa
Captain Tsubasa
Season 1 of this reboot
Episode 40 of 52
Keep watching: no
One-line summary: soccer
It's good-natured, likeable and famous... but it's a soccer anime. The episode's about a semi-final qualifier match. There's a bit of twiddling in the margins with a girl who loves our hero and will have to leave for America as soon as our heroes' team gets knocked out of the competition, but that goes nowhere. (She doesn't confess to him. She doesn't want him to be thinking about anything except how to win this game.)
At least I watched those scenes, though. I fast-forwarded through the soccer, so this was a short episode.
Cardfight Vanguard
Cardfight!! Vanguard
Series 11
Episode 35
Keep watching: no
One-line summary: trading card battle series
Extraordinarily, most of the hair is nearly sane. There are only two really stupid hairstyles. #1 is a boy who looks as if he's wearing the Sydney Opera House, but spikier and blue. #2 is a girl with twin drill-hair pigtails, both larger than her torso. She tries to disguise herself by wearing a hat... and it works!
The heroes assemble in their school cardfight club, even though it's the weekend!!!! Gosh. The villains have a cardfight among themselves, which lasts almost exactly half the episode. I fast-forwarded through that, but it ends with aliens possessing people and a red jewel glowing in someone's forehead.
It's okay, actually. Nothing you'd recommend to an adult, but more watchable than usual for this franchise and perfectly good at doing what it does.
Surprisingly, the end credits are full of sexy shots of the female cast, so is this series going for older viewers than usual? (I generally assume that Cardfight!! Vanguard's target audience would come up to your hip and could be expected to roll screaming around the supermarket floor if you didn't buy him chocolate.) That doesn't count as a reason to watch the episode, though.
Carole Tuesday
Carole & Tuesday
Season 1
Episodes: 24 x 23 minutes
Keep watching: no
One-line summary: girls make music on Mars
It's the latest hit show from Shinichirou Watanabe, the acclaimed director of Cowboy Bebop (which isn't all that) and Space Dandy (which I avoided). It's highly acclaimed. It's technically impressive.
But it's about music. Two teenagers on Mars are into music. Tuesday Simmons is a pampered princess (figuratively) who runs away from home with her guitar and no knowledge of the world. Carole Stanley is a tough orphan. They find each other. It's nice and well portrayed... but, y'know, the point of the episode is to play some music. I didn't really see the point, dramatically speaking.
This was also approximately my problem with Space Dandy.
If I were a music buff, I'd be all over this. I don't object to the episode. The girls are likeable. I'm happy that the show has fans and I'm sure they got a lot from this show. Incidentally, there's also an eight-episode "Car & Tue" series of Flash-animated comedy shorts.
Case File no 221 Kabukichou
Case File no 221: Kabukicho
Kabukicho Sherlock
Episodes: 24 x 24 minutes
Keep watching: yes
One-line summary: Sherlock Holmes in modern Japan
I've since finished it and... I didn't like it, I'm afraid. It would have been better if it hadn't called itself Sherlock Holmes.
Sherlock Holmes is working in modern Kabukichou, Tokyo. He explains his deductions in rakugo, a traditional Japanese spoken comedy form. Mrs Hudson is a drag queen who sings in a cabaret. There are easter eggs for Holmes fans.
That's me. I'm watching this. I enjoyed the logic of the detective work and I have no objection to the quirks.
Lord El-Melloi II Case Files
The Case Files of Lord El-Melloi II
Lord El-Melloi II's Case Files
Episodes: 13 x 24 minutes
Keep watching: no
One-line summary: sequel to Fate/Zero
It's in the Type-Moon universe, set between Fate/Zero and Fate/stay night. I've seen the latter and I'd had Fate/Zero on my to-watch list for a while, so I'd been keeping this series on hold for after I'd finished that. I started watching Fate/Zero ep.1.
...and then five minutes later had abandoned it and thrown away my Blu-rays. It's written by Gen Urobuchi (although admittedly this sequel isn't) and it's yet more Fate/stay nonsense. I don't care. Holy Grail Wars are deathmatches in which idiots kill each other until only one person's left alive. To participate is to lose. (Even if by some miracle you survive, just taking part demonstrates that you didn't deserve to.)
So, in other words, I had no intention of watching this series. I'd also been bored by its prequel Episode Zero in 2018.
That said, though, this episode was surprisingly good. You've got a girl hanging someone upside-down and telling him how long the human body can last in that condition. You've got people with superpowers in Babylon, using them for motorbike repairs and then getting locked up. I'm still dropping the show, but this episode was much better than expected.
Shinchou Yuusha
Cautious Hero: The Hero Is Overpowered but Overly Cautious
Shinchou Yuusha: Kono Yuusha ga Ore Tueee Kuse ni Shinchou Sugiru
Season 1
Episodes: 12 x 24 minutes plus a 13th recap episode
Keep watching: yes
One-line summary: isekai comedy
I've since finished it and... it's very funny and I liked it a good deal. I'll probably rewatch it at some point.
Ristarte is a goddess. She kidnaps young men from Japan (because they're genre-savvy about isekai) and makes them heroes in fantasy worlds. She also has a boob-friendly costume, a questionable personality and an endless supply of comedy facial expressions.
Seiya Ryuguin has amazing stats, a fantastic body and good looks. (Ristarte drools over him. At one point literally.) However he's got the personality of a tortoise. Stick his head out? Nope. He likes staying in his shell. Go off and have an exciting adventure? No, he'd rather do a week of non-stop press-ups to max out his stats. Also, counterintuitively, I think his excessive caution against that low-level slime is putting him at risk, because burning through all those high-level spells might leave him short of ammunition against any other foes he might meet afterwards.
Possible downside: there's a lot of buxom. Boob size seems to indicate power level.
It's funny. I enjoyed it. Ristarte's faces are the biggest draw and she's the main character, not the exaggeratedly wooden Seiya. I understand the show as a whole goes downhill a bit, as Seiya takes over from Ristarte as the show's focus, but even so I'm looking forward to this.
Toaru Majutsu no Index
A Certain Magical Index III
Toaru Majutsu no Index III
Episode: 14 of Season 3, or 62 of INDEX as a whole
24 minutes
Keep watching: I did, but I wouldn't recommend it
One-line summary: magic vs. science battles
I've since finished it and... I was in agony. It made me swear off the whole franchise.
I'm starting to think that INDEX stopped being good after Season 1. (RAILGUN's good season was Season 2.) I wasn't impressed with INDEX II, but it ended quite well and it didn't put me off the franchise. Here, though, they're continuing and ramping up the problems I had with that season, albeit with a less narrow focus on the Roman Catholic church.
The show's almost lost sight of our main cast, instead having pulled back its focus to show us a global narrative of endless wars between various magical, religious and political factions that I don't care about. I want more Touma! (He's here, admittedly, and he gets to punch yet another woman. This is funny, because she's the all-conquering baddie.) I want more Misaka! I'd want more Index if I liked her!
This episode is the finale of a five-part story about an English Civil War and a ridiculous royal family. (Yes, more ridiculous than the real one. Think boobs, superpowers and the queen fighting her daughter with a sword the size of a motorbike.) Most of this episode is a big fight, which is boring except when various heroes and allies turn up with cool music. On the upside, though, the episode's exploring something, which is the question of whether it's all about the superheroes, or whether the under-powered grunts matter too. There's also some reasonably interesting stuff right at the end, with Index doing unexpected things and Touma saving a villain from another villain.
I'll finish the series, since I've spent the last few weeks marathoning the whole franchise since the beginning. I'm not going to let this beat me. (There's also going to be a new season of RAILGUN, which should be an improvement on this, and ACCELERATOR, who's never had his own series before.) Maybe the season will end well again? However if I'd known it was going to end up like this, I'd have probably ditched it early in Season 2.
I want more domestic filler episodes!
Certain Scientific Accelerator
A Certain Scientific Accelerator
Toaru Kagaku no Accelerator
Season 1, but the sixth of anything INDEX-related
Episodes: 12 x 24 minutes
Keep watching: no
One-line summary: spinoff of A Certain Magical Index
I'll need to define some terminology, as usual. Index, Railgun and Accelerator are characters in anime and manga series that I'll refer to as INDEX, RAILGUN and ACCELERATOR. I used to like this franchise. INDEX I is good, as are the two RAILGUN seasons that take place during it.
Unfortunately I think ACCELERATOR is set during INDEX II, i.e. after the show lost it. (I like the core cast, but I have no interest in an ever-expanding mess of factions, countries and indistinguishable bastards having fights with each other.) Admittedly Accelerator is the best thing about modern INDEX, but that's not saying much and I hadn't been planning to continue when I sat down to watch this. (Franchise loyalty conned me into watching INDEX III, which is barely preferable to thumbscrews.)
GOOD THINGS: the Misakas, both Last Order and the clones. Also, villain protagonist Accelerator himself is still very watchable, despite being on the side of the goodies these days.
BAD THINGS: the episode's really about yet another baddie who wants to fight Accelerator. It's about breaking into a compressed air facility and stealing a secret weapon. It's about confrontations with the city's Anti-Skill SWAT team. It's about attacking a hospital and children being threatened. In short, it's driven by the assumptions that, for me, have dragged down modern INDEX, i.e. a belief that what the audience wants is endless fight scenes with predictable villains.
None of the Misakas do anything, unless you count making cookies. Last Order is still cute, admittedly. Also, distressingly, this week's villain has a favourite word ("yabai"), which I could have endured if my subtitles hadn't been interpreting it as "radical". (It's a defensible translation choice, but more distracting than the original.)
Chibi Maruko chan
Chibi Maruko-chan
1345 episodes to date and counting
Keep watching: nope
One-line summary: anime for small children
Children's shows are often entertaining for adults too. This isn't, but it's okay. It drifts across the TV schedules as a fairly normal blob of children's TV. It's nice. Simply drawn characters have simple things happen to them. (There's a boy with a head like a spring onion, while grandad's head is exactly like an egg.)
This week, Maruko has a bad dream about not being able to reach the toilet in time. She then can't get back to sleep, so she writes a letter to her friend and goes out to deliver it. En route she meets an elderly tree-trimmer, a dog, a milkman and a truck driver who teaches her about traffic lights. That's the episode's first segment. After that, Spring Onion Head feels poorly and might have caught a cold, so... oh, never mind. It's gentle and forgettable.
Chihayafuru Season 3
Episodes: 51-74
Keep watching: yes, obviously
One-line summary: sports anime about karuta
Whoops, I wrote a review of Season 2 ep.1. Which was in 2013. I'm an idiot.
Well, I've written it, so...
This show is great, if you don't mind watching the world's most impenetrable game to non-Japanese speakers. Karuta is a card game where you have to remember Japanese poems and be the first to slap the right card.
At the end of Season 1, the karuta club had to recruit more players or lose its room. They'd planned to do an demonstration of their practice sessions, but Kana realises that everyone's so high-level and intense that they'd scare the first-years. Instead, she sends their two sexiest club members (Chihaya and Taichi) out on stage. (This attracts Sumire Hanano, a girl with an ego and an eye for a hottie. That girl has comedy potential.)
The real problem, though, is clashing priorities. Nikuman-kun doesn't care about new members and just wants to win the High School Championship. Kana loves etiquette. Taichi wants Chihaya to be preparing for her solo national championships. Desk-kun wants a peaceful practice environment.
Finally, of course, Chihaya has the brains of a flea and ends up slaying everyone, including the audience. I love Chihaya. The show still looks good, incidentally. Definitely recommended.
Season 2 aired in 2013. That's six years ago. The production team addresses this with a six-minute pre-credits sequence, retelling the story of Chihaya, Taichi and Arata with both old footage and new scenes. (They even explain karuta's rules for new viewers.)
After that, though, it's as if the show had never taken a break. If you're doing a marathon, it's seamless. We resume where Season 2 ep.50 ended, with Chihaya and Taichi visiting the Fujisaki school's training camp. Its regime includes mountain running. Chihaya and Taichi are their rivals, but even so coach Sakurazawa gives them valuable advice. Damn, that woman's sharp.
The episode even starts explaining good card sense, which had previously been like psychic powers. The explanation makes sense. There's some startling Chihaya-Taichi character material.
Oh, and it's also funny. The show's still on form. This year's theme song is the weakest of the three, though.
Circlet Princess
Season 1
Episodes: 12 x 24 minutes
Keep watching: no
One-line summary: SF sports anime
It's set in a high-tech future with lots of VR, Augmented Reality and/or holograms. Circlet Bout is a sport that uses those. Japan's top Circlet Bout player (Chikage Fujimura) is complaining that all her fights are scripted, but she's told that she's free to do whatever she likes in a televised challenge match against a non-pro newbie. Wheeeeeeeeeeeee.
Later, Chikage Fujimura bumps into some random schoolgirl on the street. Yuuka Sasaki has never even heard of Circlet Bout before, but...
1. Due to a case of mistaken identity, Yuuka ends up fighting Chikage on television. The organisers need sacking for that.
2. The match ends up being so close that Yuuka looks likely to win.
No no no no. Get outta here.
Cooking Master
Cooking Master Boy
Shin Chuuka Ichiban!
Season 2
Episodes: 12 x 24 minutes
Keep watching: no
One-line summary: shounen cooking anime
Season 1 (with 52 episodes) was in 1998-99, so this is a sequel no one was expecting.
It starts out like classical shouen. Three young heroes are travelling together. There's the protagonist, the brat and the token girl.
However this is also a cooking anime and our hero has just spent all of their money on another recipe book. They find a town, a missing brother and a story about chickens. This leads to... A COOKING TOURNAMENT! If you like cooking anime, this looks perfectly standard. Imagine Shokugeki no Soma, but with child heroes instead of boobs.
It's fine. Perfectly well done, if you like this kind of thing.
Valkyrie no Shokutaku
Cooking with Valkyries
Valkyrie no Shokutaku
Nu Wushen de Canzhuo
Season 1
Episodes: 10 x 5 minutes
Keep watching: no
One-line summary: girls cook food
It's a Chinese co-production and a spin-off of a mobile phone game, Honkai Impact 3rd.
Girls cook food. Girls eat food. There's nothing else here, although the theme music's cute.
Cop Craft
Season 1
Episodes: 12 x 24 minutes
Keep watching: yes
One-line summary: hard-boiled cop show with elves and fairies
I've since finished it and... I liked it a good deal. Recommended.
Oooh, I enjoyed that. Its idea's been done before, but it still works.
Fifteen years ago, a dimensional gate opened in the Pacific Ocean. Now, the human city of San-Teresa has two million non-human inhabitants and associated problems with drugs, prostitution, weapons smuggling, etc. Distressing things happen to fairies. A cop gets killed and someone's got to break the news to his wife (with two small children behind her).
HERO #1 is a human cop, ex-military and pretty hostile to... well, everything. He uses a racist term for non-humans, but he also knows their language.
HERO #2 is a knight from another world. She's small, imperious and quick with a sword. She talks to everyone as if they're peasants and she doesn't know much about our world. She calls policemen "Boris-men" and she'd assumed that they were soldiers of righteousness.
They're the perfect couple, obviously. They hate each other. This should be good.
KoroKoro Coronya
Corocoro Coronya
Episodes: 13 x 30 seconds
Keep watching: no
One-line summary: cute and content free
A very simply drawn cat rolls across the screen, while her voice actress says "roll roll" in Japanese. It's nice.