Anime 1st episodes 2017: KiraKira PreCure a la Mode
Including: KiraKira PreCure a la Mode
Medium: TV, series
Year: 2017
Series: << Anime 1st episodes 2017 >>
Keywords: KiraKira a la Mode, PreCure, magical girl, anime, fantasy, rubbish
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Format: 24 minutes
Website category: Anime 2017
Review date: 25 August 2020
It's a movie: KiraKira a la Mode movie: Paritto Omoide no Mille-feuille! (an abomination, although it has a good bit)
It's a movie: PreCure Dream Stars!, which is good.
KiraKira PreCure
KiraKira PreCure a la Mode
Series 14 of PreCure, aka. Pretty Cure
Episodes: 49 x 24 minutes
Keep watching: alas, no
One-line summary: PreCure does cooking
I like PreCure. I'd watched all 100-odd episodes from the last two years and I'd been looking forward to the new series. I eagerly watched this episode... then afterwards deleted the rest of the show unwatched. I'll probably compromise and watch the movies, though.
It's about cooking. Our heroine, Ichika Usami, wants to bake a cake for her mother. She sings a cooking song. The episode ends with a one-minute live-action cooking segment. It's half PreCure, half cooking anime... which was a problem for me because I wasn't interested in Ichika's cake-making attempts. It gobbled screen time. Presumably, future episodes won't drop the cooking, even if they alleviate it with traditional PreCure stuff (e.g. teammates, fighting baddies, etc.)
The baddie was a bit pathetic and was trying to steal the "KiraKiraru" from cakes and sweets. Think of "KiraKiraru" as "sparkly-warkly". There's a catchphrase of "Let's la [something]", e.g. the closing theme song is "Let's La Cooking Showtime". This show is for anyone who's ever wanted to butcher three languages at once.
I'm pretty sure I'd enjoy this show if you scraped off the cooking angle. Ichika seems likeable and was funny when she'd just become a PreCure and was flying through the air. I'm sure the other girls in the title sequence will make the show more entertaining too. (It's going to be a five-girl team.)
Tomoko thought the cream falling from the sky looked a bit disgusting. (Imagine a rain of semen.) Also, Ichika's magical girl name is Cure Whip.
It's basically the usual happy, colourful children's show, but some googling suggests that they'll hammer the food theme hard. Other names will be Cure Custard, Cure Chocolat, etc. They'll open a magical shop called KiraKira Patisserie, make sweets and gain the power of the Legendary Patisserie. I'll give it a miss this year. I feel bad about skipping a year of PreCure, but on the upside it'll give me an excuse to watch 2010's HeartCatch PreCure instead. That often gets called the best (and darkest) PreCure series, so it's been in my "to-watch" list for a while...
I'm about to watch the worst PreCure series. It's not even close. If PreCure ever gets this bad again, the earth will split and Japan will tumble into hell.
"I'm Usami Ichika! I'm a second grade middle school student who just loves, loves, loves sweets! When my mother comes back from working abroad, I challenged myself to make a shortcake. However it was interrupted by a fairy named "Pekorin" who fell from the sky!! My gosh, it was so surprising!!"
Usami makes cakes. She's upset that her cakes won't rise. She makes lots of cakes. She sings a song about sweeties. She never talks or thinks about anything but food. The episode does nothing with either this or her. (PreCure having no plot isn't new, but a PreCure Pink Leader who's a null is a serious problem.) She also has a catchphrase. "Let's la cooking!" and its variant "Let's la maze-maze" (meaning "mixy-mixy"). DIE DIE DIE KILL KILL BLOOD KILL KILL.
GOOD THINGS: the bold PreCure character designs, the dancing end credits and the episode having a bit of fun after Usami's in her superhero form. OTHERWISE: nooooooooooooo. I'm going to watch the series, but only because I'm on a PreCure marathon and skipping this series wasn't an option. Mahoutsukai was a zombie in its second half, but this is a corpse already. What's more, it's the first episode, i.e. the showcase to hook viewers. Jesus.