Aina SuzukiSaori OnishiRina HidakaHiyori Nitta
Alice or Alice
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Medium: TV, series
Year: 2018
Director: Kosuke Kobayashi
Writer: Saeka Fujimoto
Original creator: Riko Korie
Actor: Aina Suzuki, Ayaka Suwa, Ayane Sakura, Hiyori Nitta, Natsumi Takamori, Rina Hidaka, Saori Onishi, Sora Tokui, Yoshitsugu Matsuoka
Keywords: anime, rubbish
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Format: Twelve 3-minute episodes
Website category: Anime 2018
Review date: 29 January 2019
Arisu or Arisu
You could argue that there's not enough here for a review in the first place. It's empty. It's three minutes of nothing, repeated twelve times with unimportant variations. It stars supposedly cute-ish girls with one personality to share between six. (That personality is "eats a lot" and two of the cast have it. Apart from that, is there anything? Well, I suppose another of the girls likes taking photos of buxom girls in ep.5, yelling "photo opportunity!" Is that the same girl who turns into an incestuous lesbian molester on getting drunk in ep.9? Hmmm. On closer examination, I suspect the girls probably have slightly more personality than I'd assumed... but that's probably because I'd been left with the impression that everyone was completely generic, so anything would be an improvement on that. I never knew idea which girl was which. Generic anime faces deliver generic anime dialogue and it could always have been any of them.)
The first episode is the least bland, because it makes the show look offensive. That's as good as it gets. We start with a close-up of boobs and arse (but no nudity) in an episode called "Sister-fetish big brother and his twin little sisters". However nothing of interest happens, unless you get excited about a girl getting a cold and being put to bed with a stuffed toy. The credits roll.
After that, we meet other girls. They work in a maid cafe. In fairness, one of them was found outside in a box, which is quite interesting, but she immediately becomes just another member of the blob and you can't remember which one she was. Theoretically there are some fantastical elements, but they're so unimportant that I'd forgotten about them until I looked through my notes just now. Maco and Coco have tails in ep.2. The Rival Girl (Yamiri) has horns, because she claims to be a devil. Every so often the girls have "kabi usagi" fairies to help them with the cooking, which look like flying balls of fluff with rabbit ears.
There's also a big brother. He's as bland as everything else, although he does think the girls are sexy. The nearest he gets to audience interest is in ep.11, when we realise that he's being given lots of stereotypically feminine traits (does the cooking, knits handmade scarves).
This show is not appalling trash. That's what I'd been hoping for, but I was disappointed. Instead it's the kind of non-material that's far, far worse than trash, because it's meaningless and forgettable. Ep.5 has public baths. Ep.6 is a beach episode with the girls in swimsuits. Ep.9 is a New Year episode, which is baffling since it was broadcast in May. Ep.10 is a Valentine chocolate challenge. Ep.12 is... no no no no, ep.12, no. "I'll spare you the boring details, but we're going to debut as pop idols!" Of course. What else? This show is what you'd get if you put the anime industry into a blender and left it running for a couple of hours, until any hint of personality had been mushed and all meaningful content had been reduced to soup. All that said, it's more watchable than you'd think, but you couldn't get anything more disposable.