Garth Ennis
Garth Ennis
Adventures in the Rifle Brigade
Battler Britton: Bloody Good Show
Chronicles of Wormwood
Chronicles of Wormwood: The Last Battle
Chronicles of Wormwood: The Last Enemy
The Complete Battlefields volumes 1-3
The Corps: Fireteam One
Garth Ennis's Dan Dare
Garth Ennis's Marvel Knights Punisher series
Garth Ennis's The Punisher MAX
Jimmy's Bastards
Johnny Red: The Hurricane
Judge Dredd: Democracy Now!
The Pro
The Punisher: Born
The Punisher Kills the Marvel Universe
The Punisher Presents: Barracuda MAX
Punisher: The Cell
Punisher: The End
Punisher: The Platoon
Punisher: The Tyger
The Punisher: War Zone: The Resurrection of Ma Gnucci
The Punisher: Welcome Back, Frank
Strontium Dogs: How The Gronk Got His Heartses
Strontium Dogs: Monsters
Strontium Dogs: Return of the Gronk
Strontium Dogs: The Darkest Star
Time Flies
The Worm: The Longest Comic Strip in the World