• Strong 1NT with four-card majors, 2-over-1 game-forcing

  • 1C, 1DGood hand, 4+ suit, unbalanced or a weak no-trump (12-14). 4441 hands open one of a minor and if the singleton is in spades, a 1D opening is mandatory if not holding reversing strength.
    1H, 1Sgood hand, unbalanced (5-card suit) or a weak no-trump (12-14, 4-card suit)
    1NT15-17, semi-balanced, no singleton
    2Cgame force, any distribution
    2D18-20, semi-balanced, no singleton
    2 of a major in 1st-3rd seat6-10, 6+ trumps, normally denies four cards in the other major
    2H in 4th seat10-14, 6+ trumps, denies four spades.
    2S in 4th seat8-12, 6+ trumps, denies four hearts.
    2NT20-22, semi-balanced, no singleton
    3+ suitpre-emptive
    3NTGambling 3NT, long solid minor (7+ cards) with at most Q outside. Might possibly stretch a point and have an outside king instead in third seat, but it's not advised.
    4NTAcol 4NT, asking for specific aces
    5NTasking for specific kings


  • 2D opening is 18-20 balanced, Inverted Minors, Pudding Raises, Jump-fits, Michaels + Unusual 2NT, Leaping Michaels, Minorwood
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