Yuji UedaRie IwatsuboKyoko HikamiAyako Kawasumi
Tournament of the Gods: Title Match
Also known as: Toushin Toshi II
Medium: OVA, series
Year: 1997
Writer/director: Takehiro Nakayama
Actor: Akiko Yajima, Akira Ishida, Ayako Kawasumi, Ikue Otani, Kenichi Ogata, Konami Yoshida, Kyoko Hikami, Miki Ito, Rie Iwatsubo, Ryuzaburo Otomo, Satomi Koorogi, Takumi Yamazaki, Yasunori Matsumoto, Yoko Asada, Yousuke Akimoto, Yuji Ueda, Yuriko Yamaguchi
Keywords: anime, hentai, boobs, fantasy
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Format: 3 episodes
Url: https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/encyclopedia/anime.php?id=3550
Website category: Anime 1990s
Review date: 22 March 2024
Toushin Toshi II
It's dramatic and impressive, but it has plausibility issues. Here are the tournament's rules. (The participants are ordinary humans, incidentally, not gods, but it's true that demons and angels are part of the show's plot.)
(1) Anyone who doesn't hold the title of Champion may enter.
(2) If the participant is male, he must have a beautiful female partner.
(3) If the participant is female, she may be her own partner.
(4) As a rule, the battles shall be one on one.
(5) If a participant should die, or otherwise be unable to continue, or upon his surrender, his opponent will be declared the victor.
(6) As a rule, most standard battle equipment is acceptable. However, the use of special or unusual items during battle is not allowed.
(7) Prizes shall be awarded at the time of victory.
(8) The female partner of the vanquished will be loaned to the victor for one day, to do with as the victor pleases. Murder of the female partner is not permitted.
(9) Female participants who are their own partner must comply with rule 8.
(10) The female partner of the vanquished will be required to work for the Tournament of the Gods for one year, without pay. The participant may make a payment of 30,000 gold in lieu of this requirement.
(11) The victor will receive the title of Champion of the Gods. In addition, the victor will receive 65,535 gold, top quality battle equipment, a room in the luxurious Champion's House, and the use of a scribe from each nation.
(12) Private battles and insults to a participant's partner are forbidden.
(13) If a participant fails to appear in the coliseum at the scheduled time, he is disqualified and will suffer the same penalties as one who is vanquished.
I can understand why a man might enter that tournament. Battles aren't necessarily to the death and the winner will live like a king. For their partners, though, it's a terrible deal. The man gets all the loot and status. The women are victory prizes in a hentai series. Guess what that means. Then, in addition, they'll have to work without pay for a year in a tournament where sexual exploitation is built into the rules. Hopefully, you'll become a waitress or something, but...
SAYAKA (waitress in bar) = "I was the partner of a participant last year. But we lost a battle. So I've had to work at this bar for free since then. But that's only until this year's tournament is over. I'll be allowed to return to my home town soon."
SID (hero) = "Oh, is that how it works?"
Doesn't he know the rules of the tournament in which he's risking his neck? Is he a moron? A big, hairy bloke enters the bar.
SID = "Who's he?"
SAYAKA = "That man is the Champion, Krank. No one can defy the Champion in this town."
Krank makes Sayaka fellate him in front of the entire bar, then tears off her clothes and shags her. Again, in front of everyone. That doesn't appear to be an unusual event, especially given this conversation after Sid wins his first match:
GIRL IN HER UNDERWEAR = "Hurry up and screw me! Even I know what happens to the loser's partner!"
Sid doesn't do it in the end, because she's crying. Being a partner in the Tournament of the Gods is like selling yourself into sex slavery and then giving the proceeds to charity. If you win, you get nothing. If you lose, you're screwed. Nonetheless, there are partners like Selena who cheerfully volunteered, or Princess Shizuku who'll commit suicide if she has sex with any man except Gaji. Suggestion: don't enter the tournament. Also...
HAZUKI = "Sid, I'll do as Dad said. I'll enter the Tournament of the Gods as Bilicus's partner. I've promised Dad. He said I could be with you if I did that, Sid."
Dad, you bastard.
Selena's reasoning for shagging Sid in ep.1 doesn't make sense either. Sid's in love with Hazuki and they're hoping to marry if he wins the tournament. Selena says some sexual experience for Sid might make Hazuki's first time less painful... but hang on. Hazuki's a tournament partner. You can't assume she'll still have her virginity by the time they next meet, even without considering a year's worth of "waitress perks". (Winning the tournament would give Sid the 30,000 he needed to rescue her from the latter, but the rules are unclear about whether that's allowed for someone else's partner.)
My best guess is that Selena simply wanted to screw Sid and was taking advantage of his vagueness about the rules. Or maybe they're really confident that he'll win?
All that aside, though, the story's impressive. The first two episodes both have quite dramatic B-stories inside the overall narrative of Sid and Selena participating in the tournament. The story of Kuraiya is horrifying. "The humans are after the jewels in our foreheads. But the Kara can't live without their jewel." The man who sends his minions after her is pure evil.
Even the hardcore sex scenes are sensitive and realistic. Sid never enforces his winner's privileges upon his opponents' partners, despite being the male protagonist of a hentai. The Sid-Serena scene is quite a good portrayal of an experienced woman being patient and educational with a virgin boy. Finally, the Sid-Hazuki scene is romantic and heartwarming... although it's too long and takes up the second half of ep.2.
That was pretty good. You'll need to unplug your brain to survive the silly rules, but those first two episodes are sincere and serious. Ep.2 is too short, though. Its first few minutes feel like an edited montage, not a narrative, and Sid reaches the final after only two fights. They needed more episodes. Also, the happy ending for Gaji and Shizuku ("Gaji's hurt, but he'll be fine; please be happy together") has overlooked Shizuku's impending year of waitress duties, unless perhaps Gaji has already paid the 30,000.
Then, though, we reach ep.3 and everything changes.
Bloody hell. The competition was a fraud. The tournament's organisers are evil. The story had already been reasonably heavyweight, but this is downright shocking. Suddenly, everything makes more sense. The rules were bollocks because the tournament was never being run honestly in the first place. There's a happy ending, ultimately, but not before we've seen horrors like Kurtz's partner Francesca who's been so abused that she lost her sanity.
It's strong. I'd recommend it. Like Phantom Hunter Miko, it even has a starry voice cast. Watch this series and you'll hear Crayon Shin-chan himself, Mahoromatic, Nico Robin and Chopper from One Piece and Pikachu and Takeshi from Pokemon. It's a Detective Conan reunion too. This series is better than a lot of modern mainstream anime, let alone modern hentai... but you'll have to forgive some logic flaws.