Stardust & Snow
Medium: book
Date: 2019
Writer: Paul Magrs
Website category: Other
Review date: 8 December 2019
It's about two Davids: an autistic boy who met David Bowie. It's been praised to the skies by... well, look at these quotes:
"I think that's beautiful. That's absolutely lovely. What an amazing story. Ah, it's gorgeous, well done." - Russell T. Davies
"A lovely story, just heart rending and beautifully told; and 30 minutes with Bowie!" - Tom Baker
"It's from my friend Paul Magrs and I love it so much" - Neil Gaiman
"The perfect Christmas story: snow is in the air, (Grandma) doesn't understand, and one of our greatest heroes is about to step off the screen and tell a little boy the secret of everything. Absolutely gorgeous, achingly beautiful and astonishingly enough, completely true. Once you've read this, you really will know the secret of everything." - Steven Moffat.
Yes, it's a true story. Knowing that makes all the difference.
This is a quiet, simple little book. (It's a dinky 47-page volume, incidentally, not much bigger in your hand than a Beatrix Potter. More words, mind you.) Don't let all that praise suck you into expecting something flamboyant.
I should write something.
I've been sitting here for twenty minutes, looking for the words.
You know, I don't think there's anything a reviewer can say about this book. No... not "can". "Should". To analyse and dissect this would be like going butterfly-catching with a hammer. It shows Magrs's gift for getting inside normal, everyday people and making their voices the biggest reason to keep reading. That's why the grumpy, insensitive grandmother is one of the best and most important things here, for instance. David Bowie is magical. David's love for Labyrinth is magical (and also completely correct and satisfying).
The best audiobook version of this story would be Paul Magrs at your kitchen table, with a cuppa. That would be wonderful.