Koji ShiraishiChika KuboyamaShigeo OsakoSenritsu Kaiki File Kowasugi
Senritsu Kaiki File Kowasugi: The Most Terrifying Movie in History
Medium: film
Year: 2014
Writer/director: Koji Shiraishi
Actor: Shigeo Osako, Chika Kuboyama, Koji Shiraishi
Keywords: Senritsu Kaiki File Kowasugi, ghost, horror, cinema verite
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Format: 79 minutes
Url: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt14752818/
Website category: J-horror
Review date: 7 July 2024
Senritsu File Kowasugi 6
And I thought the previous film had raised the stakes. Holy shit. This time, our heroes visit a cursed village where all visitors either die or go mad. (Its name is literally "cursed village".) Does that sound like a good decision to you? Also, they've recruited allies, some or all of whom will almost certainly die or disappear, so it could almost be called murder (or at least manslaughter) to hire them to begin with.
1. AKARI, idol. "There isn't a subculture in the world that doesn't know me! I'm an Akari idol and journalist. I have an "Apron Declaration" photo album with a selection of erotic photos. It used to come out in parts, but now it's all in one book officially! Next up, we have Diary of an Idol's Fall from Yosensha Publishers. Buy it please! Now the so-called "Bloody Series". I have many more works. Please buy."
Koji Shiraishi used a real idol for this role and those were her real products.
2. MASAHIKO SAITO, physicist. An author who has published in scientific journals and defended a paper on electric current. "I will be presenting a scientific point of view on the events taking place."
3. URYUIN DOUGEN, exorcist from the previous film.
"An internet rumour about that abandoned village is currently popular. It's in the middle of the mountains, and if you visit it, you'll go crazy and disappear or die. The name of this village is Tatarimura. On the Internet you can find several photos of the road leading to the village, but there are no pictures of the village itself. Because you can find traces of witchcraft and warnings on the way to the village and no one dares to go further. There's a website that says you go crazy or die after you go to Tatarimura. Rumour says that the author of the site, who took a photo of the approach to the village, regretted it very much. These images have now become the symbol of Tatarimura."
Masahiko Saito thinks it's nonsense and that the video they show him was staged. Dougen thinks Saito's an idiot. Akari had been expecting to do a variety show on TV, because her agent hadn't briefed her properly about this job. They all go to Tatarimura. The first 50 minutes or so of this film are what you're imagining, except even more surreal and horrific. The body count includes people I wasn't expecting to die.
After that, though, comes a half-hour that practically changes genre. There's investigation of bad wartime things and revelations that affect our heroes personally. Our heroes drag a government official into a van and beat him with a baseball bat. They have a trail to follow. It leads to one hell of a secret. Kudo goes off the deep end, although it must be said that if I'd been him, I'd have probably committed murder too. There's a decapitation in tentacle-megaspace, a transformation that makes The X-Files look like CBeebies and a twist that in hindsight is logical, but... bloody hell.
Conclusion: carnage and absolutely no idea how Koji Shiraishi plans to continue after this. Different heroes, perhaps? It's a wild cliffhanger, anyway. Wild horses couldn't stop me from watching the next instalment tomorrow. (It's called The Final Chapter.)