ghostYumi TakadaKappei YamaguchiTakehiro Murozono
Phantom Hunter Miko
Also known as: Reinou Tantei Miko
Medium: OVA, series
Year: 2000
Director: Kazuhiro Furuhashi
Actor: Kappei Yamaguchi, Yumi Takada, Hitomi Oikawa, Takehiro Murozono
Keywords: anime, hentai, boobs, ghost
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Format: 2 half-hour episodes
Website category: Anime early 00s
Review date: 21 March 2024
Reinou Tantei Miko
There aren't many hentai better than this (in its light comedic way), although admittedly it's only borderline hentai in the first place. It's softcore-only and some big names worked on it. The director was Kazuhiro Furuhashi, doing I believe his first and only hentai before going on to a mainstream career with Spy x Family, Hunter x Hunter, Rurouni Kenshin, Ranma 1/2 and more. The male protagonist is voiced by Yamaguchi Kappei, one of the best-known names in voice acting thanks to a forty-odd-year career of pretty much everything, including the title characters in Ranma 1/2 and Inu Yasha. There's also Yumi Takada, who played Ayeka in Tenchi Muyo.
Bloody hell. The supporting cast are less starry, but still... wow.
The plot's silly hentai nonsense, but a proper story with ghost-monsters, jokes and a fun cast. It's not disturbing or illegal (unless you count the woman who enjoys being mounted by a dog). It's even romantic. Kanroku is in love with Miko and he'll fight off any other woman who tries to have sex with him. (He even succeeds! He suppresses his erections by thinking of unrelated things. "Sin, cosine, tangent, vector, equation of higher degree, 3.141421356...") This is both funny and slightly sad, since Miko doesn't think of him that way and just regards him as her assistant (at first), despite magic powers that are sex-fuelled and might require shagging an anatomically exact statue.
Kanroku's likeable! A bit of a horndog, but faithful to Miko despite being the male hero in a hentai. (Well, except in ep.2 when Miko explicitly tells him to "take care of Mao", who's leaving for the USA tomorrow to go to university.) Also, Yamaguchi makes the comedy work.
Miko's a bit of a space case, but the best exorcist in town. (Her sleazier senpai, Azusa, complains that she's setting her fees too low.) Miko's also comedically unflappable, staying serene in the office no matter what Mao's doing to Kanroku (e.g. sexual assault or manically trying to kill him with knives).
Mao's a nice girl who attracts psychotic sex ghosts. They regularly possess her, whereupon she'll try to rape and/or murder any man she sees, i.e. Kanroku. That's okay, though. No problem. Miko will calmly put a magical seal on Mao's forehead and she'll return to her usual chirpy self. She's fond of Miko and Kanroku, becoming their office assistant after they helped her. I also laughed at her arranged marriage interview (organised against her will by her father).
BLAND MIDDLE-AGED BLOKE: "What's your favourite movie?"
MAO: "Friday the 13th."
BLOKE: "Then what's your hobby?"
MAO: "Being possessed by ghosts."
This is only a softcore hentai, which was a challenge given the number of sex scenes. It's achieved by making body parts invisible and by superimposing comedy images (eel, clam, aubergine).
Unsurprisingly, Miko's voice kept reminding me of Tenchi Muyo's Ayeka. They have the same ladylike politeness ("desu wa"). It's good. I laughed. Both episodes are likeable and the comedy works. It's silly and full of contrived sexual situations, but at least it makes clear from the start. You know what you're watching. In some ways, you could almost call it innocent.