My Life As... A Chicken
Also known as: My Life As
Medium: OVA, series
Year: 1999
Keywords: anime, hentai, boobs
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Format: One 34-minute episode
Url: https://myanimelist.net/anime/5383/My_Life_As
Website category: Anime 1990s
Review date: 28 March 2024
My Life as a Chicken
It's almost disturbing, yet almost heartwarming. It's challenging you to reject its sex scenes as non-consensual, but the best interpretation of them overall is consensual-but-kinky and the narrative's most unpleasant person isn't having sex at all.
Yasunari is the sex slave of three girls. Did he choose that life? Is he being exploited? He could run off. He ran off from his original family, after all. He considers doing so here too, because someone he knows might find him and make trouble for the girls. UPSIDE: regular sex with girls who are protective and fond of him. He has a place to live and all necessities provided. DOWNSIDE: he's treated as a toy and continually being used in new humiliating situations, e.g. (a) putting his life story and naked photos in a dirty magazine, (b) doing him in the arse with a strap-on, or (c) dressing him as a schoolgirl and having weird sex with him in the park.
The three girls are Fumi and Rino (gleefully depraved monsters who swing both ways and are full of evil ideas) and Chie (a nice girl who's romantically attracted to Yasunari and I'm pretty sure only joined the gang to be with him). She's reluctant even to get naked, for instance. All this would be terrifying if it were coercion, but it doesn't seem to be. Yasunari's friendly and cheerful. He's regularly gobsmacked by what the girls make him do, but he never asks them to stop. Here's his life story from that magazine article, aka. "A confession of a teenage runaway turned anal slave. He is tortured daily by his three mistresses! Identity withheld."
"My parents divorced two years ago. I was living with my father, but I left home six months ago, unable to tolerate his violent behaviour. I didn't tell anyone, including my friends. I was sleeping on park benches for about a week when two female college students adopted me. I started working part-time while living with Miss 'R' and Miss 'F'."
There's then a plot development. Yasunari's brother sees the magazine, goes looking for him and finds him.
"You running away has caused problems for everyone! Dad came over angry as hell to blame mum. Mum was hysterical and was beside herself with guilt. Come on! Do you really want to ruin your life and be part of this sick lifestyle forever? Let's go home. I promise I won't tell mum anything."
What the actual hell? The violent abuser blamed his ex-wife after their son ran away? Furthermore, the preachy brother is overexcited a few scenes later and basically commits rape. It's almost rape, or just-stopped-in-time rape... but then the girl thinks she didn't say "no" strongly enough, decides that he's cute when he apologises and agrees to see him regularly. (She's his new home tutor.)
Is this hentai BDSM? No, but it's not a million miles away. The story of Yasunari, Chie, Fumi and Rino has a happy ending, if you think that applies to everyone agreeing to continue their depraved lifestyle. Chie and Yasunari are lovely together, while Fumi and Rino care about him too and the three have a heart-to-heart together about this. (Other body parts also come together.) To my surprise, this was a decent (indecent) story.