Megumi HanKaede YuasaKaiju GirlsArisa Kiyoto
Kaijuu Girls: Season 2
Episode 1 also reviewed here: Anime 1st episodes 2018: K
Medium: webcast, series
Also known as: Kaijuu Girls: Ultra Kaijuu Gijinka Keikaku: Season 2
Year: 2018
Writer/director: Minoru Ashina
Actor: Aina Suzuki, Arisa Kiyoto, Ayaka Suwa, Emiri Kato, Haruna Terada, Hiromi Igarashi, Kaede Yuasa, Megumi Han, Reina Kondo, Riho Iida, Risae Matsuda, Sora Tokui, Suzuko Mimori, Yurika Endo
Keywords: Kaiju Girls, anime
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Format: 12 four-minute episodes
Website category: Anime 2018
Review date: 18 June 2019
kaiju musume
It's a web series of anime shorts about girls who are giant monsters. (Anime girls can be anthropomorphised guns, planes, battleships, countries, days of the week and/or for all I know irregular verbs in Sanskrit.) I've done my research and here are some IMPORTANT FACTS about our heroines!!! (Well, the kaijuu they're based on, anyway. If I only talked about this one very minor anime, I'd run out of things to say in a couple of sentences.)
1. Aki Miyashita has the soul of Agira, a bipedal triceratops from two episodes of Ultra Seven (1967-68). He came from Planet Animal.
2. Miku Ushimaru has the soul of Miclas, who... oh my goodness. I've just done a google image search. Just when you thought Japan couldn't surprise you any more... I think it's the fish eyes that floored me. (He came from Planet Buffalo.)
3. Other kaijuu include Windom (who's a fairly reasonable-looking robot), Pigmon (BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA), Zetton (comparatively normal), Red King (pointy-headed dinosaur, also okay), Eleking (quite amusing, but less so than the fact that he came from Planet Pitt and Planet Boris), Gomora (dinosaur and hence okay), Zandrias (okay), King Joe (robot, actually kinda cool), Alien Guts (the original costume's quite funny, but unfortunately it becomes boring in chibbified Kaijuu Girls form), Noiseler (funky bat thing), Maga-Basser (mighty bird whatsit) and Maga-Jappa (comedy classic, mostly thanks to having the nose and upper head of a sea horse).
The ones you must see are Miclas and Pigmon. The robots actually look good, the dinosaurs looked fine and the wackier ones could make you do yourself an injury laughing. However don't blame me if your googling ends in you downloading live-action 1960s Japanese TV because you're compelled to see these masterpieces in action.
That's the source material, though. This is the anime, which is hard to talk about for longer than ten seconds.
The season's first half is just slice-of-life. It would be a gag series if it were funny, but it's not even that. Occasionally it's amusing, e.g. Guts being mildly sensitive about her name in ep.2. It's pleasant in an empty sort of way, but essentially there's nothing there and you're likely to wonder why you're watching it. The best scenes in these episodes are the domestic ones, with girls chatting in a cafe or having a shower.
(Those scenes aren't sexy, by the way. Everyone's two heads high and drawn like Hello Kitty, so it looks like a cartoon for four-year-olds even when theoretically the clothes are revealing.)
The second half is more dramatic. One of the girls gets possessed by a Shadow and hospitalises one of her friends. There are some moderately intense fights. (Admittedly all that's relative and we're still watching kiddified cartoon characters, but it's still a surprise after the first half.) "Since you're here, I might as well exterminate you." The storyline here is reasonably, sort of, somewhat good-ish... but that's not the same as being good. The show's clearly improved, but that's not the same as reaching a level where you actually care.
The season doesn't even star the comedy villains from Kaijuu Girls Black! Commander Black gets a teaser after the end credits of the last episode, but that's all.
Is this show good? No no no no no, a thousand times no. If you call it "good", heaven will punish you... but it's not bad either. It's just there. It's not really anything except itself, too short for a significant reaction either way, positive or negative. It's possible to make good short-form anime, of course. They exist. This isn't one of them. However I watched the whole thing and I don't dislike it. The Kaijuu Girls' monster designs are fun. I'd actually be interested in watching a full-length series, just to see how mad this material could get.