Garth EnnisJacen BurrowsAntichrist
Chronicles of Wormwood
Medium: comic
Year: 2006
Writer: Garth Ennis
Artist: Jacen Burrows
Keywords: Antichrist
Format: 6-issue limited series
Website category: Comics
Review date: 15 February 2022
Our hero is the Antichrist. (His name's Danny.) He's got a steady girlfriend, but he's shagging Joan of Arc on the side even though he knows he shouldn't. His best friend is Jesus Christ, who got brain damage after being beaten by policemen in Los Angeles. Also, Dad might be trying to bring about the apocalypse, as per the Book of Revelation.
Danny's other friend is a talking rabbit called Jimmy.
Disrespectful? Well, yeah. It's like next-stage Preacher. The Roman Catholic church and especially Pope Jacko get off even worse than you're thinking. Our heroes go on an afterlife road trip. God's appearance made me laugh out loud, even though it was what I'd been expecting and arguably inevitable.
I'm not sure about Burrows's art. He's impressively meticulous and I think he did magnificent, beautifully researched work on Alan Moore's Providence, but I sometimes wonder if he's not trapped by his own realism. He makes Hell look boring. It's as if the set designers ran out of budget or something. He draws all the horrible things Ennis describes, yes... but against an empty background of red plains and sky. What's more, this graphic collection's dedicated to Massimo Belardinelli, an artist who was probably the ultimate anti-Burrows and whose portrayal of Hell would have probably had you questioning your sanity.
It's a laugh. It's rude about Christianity, obviously, among many other things. Star Wars prequels/fans, the religious right, you name it. Danny's a media mogul who runs his own TV channel and appears on discussion shows. Anyway, there's more Wormwood after this (a 2007 one-shot called The Last Enemy and a 2009 six-part series called The Last Battle) and I'll be happily buying those too.