Batman Volume 7: Endgame
Medium: comic
Year: 2014
Writer: Scott Snyder
Artist: Danny Miki, Greg Capullo
Keywords: superhero
Format: Batman 35-40
Series: << Batman >>
Website category: Batman
Review date: 16 December 2021
I'm not even annoyed by how badly it misses. I do, though, feel a bit sorry for Snyder. Since he's writing this New 52 not-Batman, does he feel pressure to introduce gratuitous changes? If so, that's fine. I can understand that. It pushes me away and (to me) makes the book a waste of time, but okay.
The problem, though, is that his changes are downgrades. This Joker has Wolverine healing powers and he might be hundreds of years old. He's supernatural. Uh... Surely the mainstream version is more impressive? The real Joker has no powers, but is still Batman's arch-enemy and can scare the shit out of proper supervillains. Mind you, not long after this, DC decided to have three Jokers running around, so the supernatural and real versions could both... sigh...
Oh, give me some Judge Dredd.
Thinking about it, if you're doing things like this, why not go full throttle? Turn the Joker into a Lovecraftian abomination. Or go Silver Age apeshit crazy. Those would have been worth reading... But never mind. Forget all that. This isn't Batman or the Joker, but what the hell. None of it matters. Let's enjoy some random nonsense with made-up characters. On that level, is it entertaining? The opening's cool, with the entire Justice League trying to kill Batman. That's a challenging fight. (Superpowers vs. Bruce Wayne's insane wealth and planning.) Wonder Woman, Flash, Aquaman, Superman... oh, and Alfred's daughter's here too.
"He's not crazy," says Batman about the Joker. "He's just evil."
Really? Not crazy? You sure about that?
Also, this Batman's created nearly a hundred cures for Joker toxins "over the years". He's only been active for six years, though (?), which suggests they do it regularly. A monthly toxin-swapping club, perhaps.
Snyder's basically doing Death of the Family again, but bigger. Both stories have the Joker spreading his toxin across Gotham, infecting Batman's allies (here the Justice League), invading the Batcave, becoming an unstoppable supervillain version of himself on steroids, etc. The difference is that this one's huge. Gotham has a Joker-zombie apocalypse. The Joker steals some of Batman's trophies and has a cool street parade with them. This lets him goof around in surprisingly Jokerish scenes and dialogue. He even has a face again! It grew back. It's not a particularly memorable face and it won't be remembered by future generations, but it has its moments. Capullo has a modicum of fun with it.
Batman's consults the Court of Owls. Uh-huh. I nearly woke up. He also teams up with some famous Bat-villains to attack the Joker, because THAT'S HOW HIGH THE STAKES ARE!!!! "If there isn't a betrayal by these villains, I'll be sniffy," I thought.
Guess what. There isn't.
Do I like this story? That's not an easy question, actually. It is sort of fun, in between the eye-rolling stuff. Superheroes trying to kill Batman is lively, while I like the finale's dialogue between the Joker and Batman (although I have zero interest in the actual scene and where it's going). I was amused when the Joker proposed to a skeleton while dancing on a dinosaur. Don't pay money for this flamboyantly misguided fanfic, but it's not without entertainment value.