Medium: comic
Year: 2000
Writer: Alan Grant
Artist: Simon Bisley
Keywords: superhero
Format: 48 pages
Series: << Batman >>, << Joker >>
Website category: Batman
Review date: 26 March 2021
I'd been browsing my Batman graphic novels. Many of them are Elseworlds or crossovers. Judge Dredd, Dracula, Houdini, Jack the Ripper, Spawn, Grendel, Lobo... whoah, whoah, wait.
Lobo? Really? Batman vs. Lobo?
I couldn't even imagine it. I certainly had no memories of buying or reading it, yet there it was on my bookshelf. Only one thing to do!
An hour later... I enjoyed it, actually. It's a good laugh, which with Lobo means gratuitous splatter and killing. Keith Giffen isn't involved this time, alas, but Alan Grant has a long history with both Lobo and Batman... and of course Bisley is Bisley. His art's the best thing about this book, and I don't just mean his ludicrous comedy gore (although that's important too). We all know what Bisley's Lobo looks like, but his Joker is equally wonderful and sometimes made me laugh. What the dickens is that Penguin? Awesome. I even love his Scarface.
Meanwhile, Alan Grant's going to town with the Elseworlds tag. He can send Lobo after famous faces in Gotham, with no continuity consequences. Bye bye, Killer Croc. Farewell, Robin and Nightwing. This is quite funny.
Then, on top of that, Grant's deliberately playing silly buggers with the continuity. Gordon and Alfred have swapped jobs. Robin is Dick while Nightwing is Tim. Over in Metropolis, Jimmy Olsen is Superman. Wayne himself, surprisingly, is a heavy bald bloke, although this might be a reference to The Dark Knight Returns. (We see the Bat-suit he used to fight Superman in that story, which makes sense since Lobo has Superman-level strength and can recover from any injury. Batman's outclassed.)
This is building up to an absurd Elseworlds twist or two, which amused me.
This isn't even the only Lobo/Batman crossover. There's also a Sam Kieth two-parter from 2007, Batman/Lobo: Deadly Serious. (I love Sam Kieth.) I expect that'll be less bonkers than this, though, since I don't believe it's an Elseworlds.