I've written some books and contributed to others. Here's a list, with links so that you can buy them!

Time's Mosaic (series)

Imagine a story fifty years in the telling.
That’s a long time to maintain consistency. Storylines clash, continuity dies and contradictions flourish as one decade bleeds into the next, and one editor replaces another, each with their own idea of how the story should be told. Add to that a veritable flood of formats – big screen, television, novels, audios, comics, short stories, cartoons – and what seemed at first to be merely difficult rapidly becomes all but unmanageable.
Now imagine if one man were to attempt to consider it all. One man reading the short stories and the novels, watching the movies and the box sets, listening to radio plays and BBC compact discs…taking it all in so that you don’t have to…
Join Finn Clark on an epic journey through the Whoniverse, as he reviews every single Doctor Who story in every single format (except Big Finish – we decided that thousand page books were just too much!). From ‘An Unearthly Child’ and TV Comic throwaways to ‘Day of the Doctor’ and IDW, with sidesteps into influences and spin-offs, he’ll tell you, the reader, what he thinks of it all, good and bad…
This is the ultimate review guide to Doctor Who!

EASY DALEKESE – A Children in Need Book

To be published November 16 2017
Q: What language do Daleks speak?
A: English.
Doctor Who aliens all speak English, right? Star Wars and Star Trek are overflowing with alien languages, but for us, the TARDIS's telepathic circuits translate everything.
Well, sort of.
Finn Clark thought otherwise, and believed he could construct a workable version of the Dalek language, using only the tantalising scraps of dialogue and lettering seen in the television show, comics and books (oh, and board games, computer adventures and rehearsal photographs – Finn’s nothing if not thorough!).
In DALEKESE, he presents the fruits of two years’ labours...
A one-time charity release from Obverse books with all profits going to Children in Need...
Pre-order now!
On sale only until 30 November 2017. It's only available in November. After that, it'll be gone. No more. Short time only.
It also has its own alphabet, which is on these pages.

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